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Why I Never Regret Choosing Family Over Career

I left my corporate job 6 years ago. Here is why I never regret choosing family over career.

Growing up, I don’t remember my mom telling me about motherhood. But my dad, he would always brag about me becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher. My achiever self was proud. I promised to pursue my dream job even though I did not know what it was yet.

After College

My career started when I landed a job as secretary/front desk receptionist. Fresh out of college, I just wanted to get a job.

My Career in TV Production

Not long after, a family friend opened the door for me to apply for a job in TV production. I worked on different positions from production assistant, researcher, coordinator, segment producer and so much more. I became financially independent, enabling me to contribute to household expenses, save and co-pay for my wedding, travelled to different places and save some.

Studio 23’s Lovapalooza Event

Sometime in December 2014, my husband applied for a job based in the US. Yes, we thought of the consequences of the decision but we did not create a detailed plan about it. Few weeks passed and Mighty got the job. Before we knew it, we were applying for our US visa.

Start if Stay-at-Home Mom Journey

Two months before the big move, I resigned from my job of 9 bittersweet years. Choosing to be with my family over my career was my top priority. We started packing our things. We gave up some of our precious belongings, including my first born Malcolm’s toys. I felt that a part of my heart is broken, thinking that I cannot keep many of his firsts; first walker, first high chair, first crib and so much more. We also let go of all our furniture and appliances.

I felt excited on my first day of being unemployed. Because I am definitely not a morning person, I don’t usually look forward to waking up early. I liked the idea of spending the whole day with my family over career job and not getting stressed over deadlines. No phone calls. No commuting. Just me and my family.

While waiting for Malcolm’s swimming classes

As days turned to weeks, my usual busy self started to miss work. I’ve never been a homebody that long. I was debating about the idea of getting project-based work just before we leave for the US. But since we were still busy completing our requirements and preparing for our trip, I brushed off the idea.

Our Send Off Cake

Our Move in the US

Becoming a full-time mom is the most challenging, yet fulfilling job I have ever had. Since we are in the US, we don’t have help from friends and relatives. I am with my family 24/7 and get to see my son’s every milestone. Round the clock, I am his mom, teacher, playmate. I also became a full-time wife to my husband. I did what traditional wives do in the Philippines like ironing clothes, doing the laundry, cooking meals, cleaning the house and more.

Christmas 2016 New York City

And while I loved my new role, sometimes I felt the isolation no one understands. There was a hollow in my heart when I looked back and realized how much I have given up for my family. I missed my life back home, my work, waking up every morning pumped up because I didn’t want to be late, accomplishing a project and airing it on national tv. I missed having checks twice a month, going out with officemates for meetings and out of town shoots.

One of the many blessings I am thankful to God is having a husband who comforts me whenever I feel homesick. He reassures me of my worth and all the pain is just a phase of life.

Fall 2017

It’s been six years since that big move plus more boys. I am still a stay-at-home mom. Do I still miss my job? Of course I do. I still plan to get a job, but maybe not at this moment.

My kids will never be kids forever. Taking care of my family is a responsibility I am fully embracing. Their hugs and kisses are my rewards. If I had to go through the same decision again, I will still choose my family over career.

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