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Park Day Went Wrong

We haven’t been out in a while because the weather is unpredictable. In the winter, it’s either too cold outside or raining.

When the sun was finally out and the temperature was perfect for a play day, we packed our things and went to the park. There were only around 5 persons in the park, a great way to practice social distancing.

As soon as the kids hit the ground, they ran away and rode on swings. Caspian needed a push from Mighty while I took care of Monty. Malcolm, on the other hand, needed less supervision.

The playground is few meters away from the lake. The kids love playing and throwing rocks to the lake so I thought it would be fun if we headed down to it.

Despite the occasional rain, the lake was very shallow exposing the lake bed. We were able to walk on the dry, rocky part but a few steps away, there was mud.

Malcolm found a dry log near the mud. He lifted it then dragged it afar while stepping on the mud. I asked him to stop playing with it. Thankfully he put the log down but continued on exploring until he found a stream that leads to the lake.

While i busied myself stopping Caspian from sitting on the damp rocks and following his brother, I didn’t notice Malcolm’s curiousity would lead to a mishap. He got stuck in the mud!

His shoes sank into the ground. The hem of his khaki pants were full of mud. And his face, upset.

Mighty calmed him down. The park’s restroom was closed so he used our drinking water to wash him off. Malcolm took off his shoes and folded his pants up.

I didn’t want to keep the shoes anymore so we threw them away (Don’t worry, they were old and worn out shoes anyway).

Our park time was cut short. Malcolm was cranky. Caspian still wanted to play. Monty was sleepy. Just shows the different emotions and personalities we have to deal with everyday.

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