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Review: Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair

Many breastfeeding mamas like me couldn’t wait for the day the baby could start eating solids. It doesn’t mean weaning the baby but a little break from our tired and swollen breast would mean a lot.

Monty turns six months old and he’s showing signs of readiness for solids. Thankfully, getting a high chair is not on my worry list anymore.

We purchased Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair from Amazon 2 years ago but it shows no sign of retiring just yet. Here’ a review  if you’re considering to buy one.

It is sturdy and can last for years. We bought it for Caspian 2 years ago and he still occasionally uses it until now. The top tray slides forward and is easy to clean. You can just wipe it down, give it a wash on the faucet or throw in the dishwasher. It is also wide to accommodate plates and toys.

There is also a removable tray with multiple partitions. If not in use, you can just hang it on the rear leg.

Seat cover is machine washable. There are six height and 3 recline adjustments.

It is also on-the-go and easy to store for its foldable feature. No worries of putting it right back up because it’s easy to assemble.

On the other hand, it has no wheels for easy moving. It only has a waist belt with 3-point lock system. My baby can’t sit unsupported yet so he’s leaning on his side without the shoulder  belt.

You also might want to consider your dining space if you’re not planning to store it every after use because the legs stand wide apart.

Over- all, I give this Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair a thumbs up.

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