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6 Life Saving Tips For Flying With a Toddler

Flying with a toddler can be challenging and tough. Even toddlers who are easygoing can get stressed out. They may throw tantrums, cry, run around, and kick the seat in front of them. You’re in another place and have nowhere to escape.

When your toddler is having a meltdown on a plane, you don’t have many options. You will just get all the things to distract him or her; it could be a food or a tablet. However, in this post, I will give you some tips to prevent those problems even before they take flight.

Tips To Make Flying With A Toddler Smooth and Easy

Let your toddler get his or her energy and tension out before you board.

Toddlers may not understand why they have to stay put in on the plane. Arrive early so that your toddler gets to run around the airport before they are forced to remain belted in on the plane. Once you’re on the flight, whenever the aisle is clear, and you are allowed to move around, get up and let your toddler walk. When your toddler does this, he or she will not demand to move around as soon as he or she needs to fasten the seatbelt.

Keep her full and hydrated.

Keeping your toddler fed will make him or her to get grumpy. The airline might not have the food that your toddler will like and won’t serve it on your child’s eating time, so it would be better to bring familiar snacks more than you think you’ll need.

Breastfeeding is excellent, too, most notably on takeoff and landing. This is because sucking can help lessen the pressure in your toddler’s ears. You can also consider packing treats that your toddler doesn’t usually get.

Entertain your toddler.

Your toddler’s job is to explore the world. If he or she can’t explore by walking around, you can just check out the tray table. Bring an iPad with appropriate apps, a tablet with games and movies loaded, and headphones as well. While the screens can be an effective way to entertain your toddler, these can’t always be enough.

Other things you can do is to bring on books and some office supplies like colorful paper clips, scotch tape, lock and key, a battery-operated fan, tiny flashlights, and any craft materials that they play on. You can also include small toys like Duplo blocks, stacking dolls, rubber duckie, puppets, puzzles, lift-the-flap books, stamp pens, and stuffed animals. These things are usually the ones that you can wrap and put in your suitcase. (Kids love unwrapping these!)

Calm your toddler.

Flying can be exhausting and stressful even for adults. This means that your toddler can also feel over-stimulated and tired.

You can try different methods to help your toddler unwind and sleep.

Connect with your toddler.

This is another way to help your child feel safe and relax. You can wrap a blanket around the two of you to shut the outside world while you make your toddler sleep.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

This is a simple technique of tapping your toddler’s acupressure points.

Tell a Story.

Capture your toddler’s attention by recounting family memories, singing to her, reading to her, snuggling her, or making up a yarn.


This is done by putting a calming blend of Bach flowers to a glass of water.

Calm yourself.

Your toddler can pick up on your stress. This is one of the reasons why your toddler acts out while traveling. So, to keep him or her calm, the most important thing to do is to stay relaxed. Doing breathing exercises, EFT, as well as homeopathy, is reliable to make you feel good. You can also take a glass of wine if it helps you to smile sweetly while at the airline.

Introduce yourself to the other passengers.

At the start of the flight, tell them you’ll do your best to keep your child entertained. Tell them also to let you know if your toddler is bothering them. Anyway, most people are sympathetic most, especially if you respect their right to have a peaceful flight and that you’re doing your best to ensure it.

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It’s your turn. Let me know how you manage flying with your toddler and let us learn from each other.

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16 thoughts on “6 Life Saving Tips For Flying With a Toddler

  1. All the snacks and all the screens! That’s the only way we kept our toddler happy on his first plane ride.

  2. great tips for parents with toddlers..
    oh i recall when my teens were tots.. we certainly used the screens and was always bliss when they finally fell asleep..

  3. I’ve never flown with my kids. I always thought I would be too scared to even attempt it, especially my first who is as restless as they come. However, these are great tips, especially the part about letting them get their energy and tension out before they board.

    I think afterward they would be too tired/sleepy to want to continue running around. Lol.

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