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Personalized Storybooks for the Family (And Where to Buy Them)

Delight your little ones (and adults too) with personalized storybooks for the whole family and where you can buy them.

Personalizing a book means the child is the main character of the story and putting his or her name, interests, likes and dislikes in it. With technology, a child’s image can be digitally uploaded making them part of the illustration.

Kids’ imagination is limitless. And by making them the star of the story, we encourage children to get the habit of reading, which will contribute to their cognitive development. Personalized storybooks are also great tools for teaching family, friendship and values.

I am giving you a list of best selling personalized books for the whole family (kids, mom, dad and grandparents) and where can you buy them.

Personalized Storybooks for the Family (And Where to Buy Them)


With the ultimate goal to make kids, parents and grandparents happy, Frecklebox is a one stop shop for personalized gift items for kids. They have personalized books for animal lovers, adventure seekers, birthdays and many more. Hardbound cover ranges from $34.95-$36.95, while softbound cover ranges from $21.95-$22.95.

Some of their best sellers are the following.

Really Cool  Baby Book

Written by bestselling author Todd Parr, this is an interactive book about your baby’s milestones since birth to his many firsts. This is a personalized gift for baby showers, baptism or first birthday.

What We’ll Do Just Me and You

This is a good book to sit down and read with your child as you cherish and relive memories. From baking simple cakes to playing with your child, these everyday experiences are worth keeping.

Not only storybooks, Frecklebox also makes personalized coloring books, placemats, art prints and school supplies.

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Literacy and creating impact on children’s lives: these are the missions where KD Novelties stands. KD Novelties has a wide variety of personalized children’s books. You may choose letters, numbers, Christmas, birthday, animals, school and so much more. Book prices range from $18.95-$59.95.

Some of their best sellers are the following.

I See Do You See- Alphabets

Learn about the alphabet by helping your child find the letters and things that start with it. This award-winning interactive book will make reading and learning fun.

Where Do Dreams Come From?

A perfect bedtime story, this magical adventure book helps your child’s imagination on how dreams are made and delivered to children around the world.

Make your child the star of his/her favorite Disney stories. Rediscover the stories of Disney princesses like Moana, Elsa, Snow White and Cinderella.  Let them be part of the action adventure personalized books like Avengers, Spiderman, and Cars or the classic stories like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

Aside from books, KD Novelties is also a known maker of personalized CD’s, DVD’s, puzzles and tote bags.

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The combined power of technology and amazing stories are what make Kabook stand from the rest of personalized children’s books. Kabook uses the digital uploaded photo and makes it look part of the illustrations. Your child would be surprised to see himself as the star of the book. In addition, you can also personalize the story by answering a few text questions.


Make your child the hero to free the kingdom from a magical spell. This book will take your child on a journey of a lifetime.

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Believe in the power of stories as children transform as the story’s protagonist. Playstories offers personalized book collections about learning at home, animals and adventure, and feelings and emotions.

Feelings and Emotions Collection

These books will help children identify their emotions and feelings and what causes them to appear.  Helping the kids handle their feelings and emotions and make them understand that these are normal situations will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Animals and Adventure Collection

Bring the kids to the world of dinosaurs, ice and oceans through these books.  Children will learn about nature and how to take care of them.  

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Wonderbly not only creates personalized books for fun but encourages kids to do extraordinary things. They have kid-appropriate stories about discovering identities and the world around them,  The books also teach kids about empathy, curiosity and confidence. 

Some of their best sellers are the following.

The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Her/His Name

A go-to gift for all occasions, this book is uniquely designed based on the letter of the child’s name. 

With the help of friends he met along the way, the child finds a missing name (revealing it to be his name at the end). This is a great book for children who are just starting to recognize the letters of their names.

Bedtime For You

This book is a perfect way to end the day. It is perfect for teaching kids about bedtime routines. This would be the cuddliest bedtime book for your little sleepy heads.

Not only for kids, Wonderbly also produces books for dads, moms and grandparents. Perfect books for their special day!

Personalized Storybooks for dad

Personalized Storybooks for Mom

Personalized Storybooks for Grandparents 

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