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15 Reasons Why I Hate Being a Mom of Boys

Our home is full of male hormones. I have 3 lovely boys and a husband. Despite the completeness of our family, I have reasons to hate being a mom of boys.  Not because I wanted another baby but here are the reasons why.

1. Rushed bath time.

Why can’t I have a decent bath? Not because they shower for 5 minutes or less I should do it too. I need some dedicated time in the shower brushing my hair, looking at myself in the mirror, or talking to myself before taking a dip.

I hate it because I want to scrub, soak and wash in my bath time.

2. I can’t explain why I have my own pad (diapers for them).

How can I explain that mom has a monthly visitor and I need to wear a pad. I remember when the eldest (5 year old boy then) asked what it was doing in the grocery bag, I just replied with. “That is nanay’s (mom) diaper” then quickly changed the topic.

I hate it, just because I don’t know how to explain menstruation just yet.

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3. They laugh at my set of underwear.

Mom is wearing a different set of underwear and that sounds funny for them.  “Why am I not wearing a brief?”, they asked. I maybe a mom of boys but of course I’m a still a girl. That’s it, no more explanations.

I hate it because I am embarrassed (lol!).

4. They joke about poop, butt and booty.

Booty butts, booty butts, these words crack them up. They even put a tune while slapping their bottom. And never let them hear or read the word butt because they will sing their made-up tune. Yeah it sounds disgusting to parents but very funny and humorous for the boys.

I hate it because it’s funny and disgusting.

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5. They climb everywhere.

Stairway rails, over the cabinet, on the table, on top of the car, name it they will climb on it.  They are everywhere. They don’t fear heights and jump like nothing serious or may happen.  I don’t remember getting bitten by a radioactive spider when I was pregnant.

I hate it because as a mom of boys, it makes my heart jump out of my chest.

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6. Bed is a trampoline.

I do not have a bed I can call my own.  When I just want to savor those rare moments I am lying cozy on bed, here come the boys with their pillow jumping game.  They use the couch as a platform, then they will jump straight to the bed.  The floor trembles and my peaceful self is disturbed!  

I hate it because the next scenario will be someone getting hurt and crying.

7. Melts my heart on Mother’s Day.

No other day to celebrate my womanhood other than Mother’s Day.  These boys turned me into a mom. And being a mother is the most awesome, perfect, incredible, tiring, heartbreaking feeling I have ever experienced.

I hate it because it makes my heart so full and I can’t contain it.

8. I need to put down the toilet seat for the thousandth time!

We taught our boys to put up the toilet seat when peeing. That’s to show respect to the woman who will sit down on it. But sometimes they forget to put it back down after use. 

I hate it because I do all the cleaning.

9. I can’t stop them from having a girlfriend when they grow up.

I know my boys will each have a girlfriend when they grow up, and I can’t stop them. When that age comes, I just want them to focus on their studies first, then be inspired by the budding romance. For now, I am their first love.

I hate it because one day they will introduce a girl and I might get emotional.

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10. Their clothes are plain and simple.

Why are there only a few choices for boys’ clothes? When I go to the store, there is a long list of styles and options for girls. They are bright pink, yellow, red, exactly rainbow colors. But when I go to the boys’, lucky for me if I can find a wide variety to choose from. Looking at our wardrobe, boys have shirts, shorts, pants. Where are the sequins, ruffles, and lace?

I hate it because there are very limited choices for boys’ outfits.

11. They love cars, cars and cars.

My boys have great love for cars in all forms. I mean we have Hotwheel cars, trucks, monster trucks, dino trucks and so much more. Literally, you can find cars in all corners of the house. We declare everyday is a Car Day.

I hate it because I miss playing with beads, dolls, and hoops.

12. They tire me out.

I just don’t know where their energy is coming from but the boys’ play really tires me out.  Most of their games and activities include running, jumping, tagging, and my mom body can not keep up.

I hate it because I realized I am not fit.  I need to do some exercising.

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13. They make fun of my mom belly.

We have a running joke around the house. “Sino ang malaki ang tiyan? Si Nanay! (Who has the biggest tummy? It’s mom!).  My second boy is obsessed in squishing those mom’s hidden fats and wrinkled skin. 

I hate it because my belly feels harassed. 

14. Snacks after snacks.

Just right after meal time, my boys still have room for snacks.  And after a few hours, they will ask again for snacks.  How many  tummies do they have?  

I hate it because it is stretching our weekly budget.

15. Because I am their queen (for now).

Someday, my boys will be someone else’s King. They will have their own family.  I will be a grandmother, a mother-in-law.  My boys will forever be my babies no matter what.  

I hate it because they grow up too fast.

Many are asking if we still want a baby girl.  Not having a baby girl doesn’t make our family any less complete.  I am fully blessed with my three boys and I can’t ask for more.

Do I still hate being a mom of boys? Absolutely not, I LOVE IT!!!

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10 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I Hate Being a Mom of Boys

  1. I can relate to this, boys are doing more movements compare to a girl and yes, they love to eat even they ate a lot.

    1. Oh pls,girls can be equally or even more energetic,boys doing more movements is not true and prejudice against girls🙄in my experience,I have seen girls doing more activities

  2. I have 1 boy and 2 girls the one I can relate to the most… boys clothes are sooooo plain. I wish there were better clothes for boys.

  3. I don’t have boys but both my daughters do some of these things like laughing at boobs and butts too. They also love climbing everywhere and jump on my bed ALL THE TIME. Haha! Thanks for sharing this post!

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