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A Last Minute Staycation in Ever After Pigeon Forge Cabin

After over a year of delaying our family vacation, we finally had a last minute staycation at the Ever After cabin rental in Pigeon Forge TN.

When Covid-19 broke out, our family never dared to go on a trip, visit amusement parks or even attend seasonal activities. Call me paranoid, but as a mom,  I will not risk the safety of my kids especially my baby.

There are a couple of times we went out to the park but we strictly observe 4 conditions:

  1. We go during non-peak hours.
  2. We visit the least populated park.
  3. Follow social distancing protocol.
  4. Always wash hands after or use hand sanitizer.

Last March, a few days before school’s  spring break, my husband and I decided to take the kids on a trip.  We had some hesitations because we didn’t want to put our guards down.  Up to the last minute, we were battling to give it a green light or not.  We set our expectations and ground rules, we could go on a trip provided we wouldn’t go for indoor amusements. The best set-up for us was a staycation in Pigeon Forge cabin.


My husband did all the research which cabin will suit our family needs but we decided together. He made a list of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabins but the one that got us nodding our heads was Ever After in Pigeon Forge. Why?  Let me show you the amenities and facilities later in this post.  

We booked for 3 days, 2 nights, paid online without cancellation. It’s final, we will go.

We didn’t tell the kids we were going on a vacation until we’re ready to leave. I packed all our bags the night before when the boys were asleep.

Of course my toddler and baby had no idea what the commotion was all about, but my eldest was thrilled, delighted, excited, and surprised!


Ever After Pigeon Forge cabin is almost 3.5 hours away from Nashville. But in between lunch, potty break, gas break and snacks, it became a 5-hour drive.

The travel was light, except for the last minute “Are we there yet?” restlessness. We reached our destination around 6pm Eastern Time.


The cabin was designed for a group of 6. The cabin was pleasant, fresh and clean. The kitchen was right after the main door. All kitchen tools and utensils were provided. There was a microwave, stove, dishwasher, fridge, oven, blender and coffee maker.

Right next to the kitchen was the living room. It had spacious seats to accommodate tired visitors who had been sitting from a long drive.

Adjacent to the living room was the bedroom with jetted tub, tv, bathroom and a king size bed. All sheets, pillows and blankets were provided.

Outside the porch, there were rocking chairs, hot tub, swing, bench plus a beautiful, scenic view of Pigeon Forge.

Lastly, my sons’ favorite spot, the loft. It had arcade games, pool table, tv, sofa bed, and a toddler/baby area.

The complete list of amenities can be found here.


First Day

The moment we entered the door, the kids ran off.  They explored every corner of the cabin. How a family of 5 can fill the whole place with giggles and laughter!

After dinner, the kids tried the indoor jetted tub. Since we don’t have it at home, they had no idea what they were up to. When I poured bath soap and turned on the jet, they were squealing and squeaking. We had a good laugh! 

It was a struggle putting the boys to sleep despite having a long day. They were still high on excitement and jumping on the bed added up to it. 

Second Day

The sound of kids running from the loft woke me up, something I am used to being a mom of boys. Malcolm loved the arcade while Caspian busied himself with toys and books. It was a relaxed morning while my husband was attending an online meeting.  Right before lunch, we dipped into the hot tub.  

After a brief afternoon nap, we went putt putting inside the community.  The excitement of playing outside was cut short because it started raining.  We spent the rest of the afternoon resting, watching tv, playing, eating, and brother fighting (don’t worry, it was harmless).

The kids were fast asleep, we had a good full second day.

Third Day

It was almost time to leave. After breakfast, we packed our bags and got ready.  Check out was at 10am, so right before we bid farewell to the cabin which hosted us for 3 days, we took family photos then left.


The cabin rental fee depends on the season and demand.  Our last minute 3-days 2-nights Staycation in Ever After Pigeon Forge Cabin cost $620 including tax.

You don’t have to raise your brows, I know it costs much compared to hotel rates but let me tell you this,  we actually saved more compared to hotels and indoor amusements.

Why? Here is a breakdown.  Take note, these are just rough estimates which exclude tax. 

Do we have any regrets choosing staycation over hotel and attractions? Absolutely not.  I do not want to risk my kids during this pandemic.  And that was the original plan, to go for a kid-friendly cabin so we don’t have to go out.  Just relax and enjoy family time.


Our Spring break trip didn’t end upon checkout, we took a couple of pictures at Gatlinburg Overlook and a road trip around the area. Then we took another 2-hour drive to visit a Filipino family friend (but that’s another story).

Overall it was a family experience we will treasure forever, a break from our usual daily norm.  We delayed our family vacation several times because of Covid scare but the last minute staycation in Ever After Pigeon Forge cabin was the best alternative.

When this pandemic is over, we promised the kids for more family travels.  And so be it! 

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13 thoughts on “A Last Minute Staycation in Ever After Pigeon Forge Cabin

  1. This looks like a fabulous place to get away. I love the amenities and the scenery. So peaceful. I might actually look into this once we hit the road for a family weekend. The price is not bad at all considering everything in the cabin. It’s perfect!

  2. That is such a happy and memorable staycation trip. The place is really beautiful and it feels so relaxing to be there.

  3. I couldn’t help but laugh at the 3.5 hour ride turning into 5 hours because I know that experience all too well! Glad you enjoyed some needed family time away from the normal routines.

  4. :::poking my head out from my front door, wearing my mask, while the kids holler in the background::: Is it safe to go on vacation yet???

    Thank you for daring to head out and let us know how it went! This looks VERY enticing! Thanks also for the transparent and well-organized breakdown of cost. This helps us know what we can look forward to, and hopefully we’ll start planning soon! 🙂

  5. Not telling the kids until right before you leave shows you are a very experienced and caring mom. Dealing with disappointed kids if something doesn’t happen is not fun. Looks like a great place and covid safe.

  6. What a helpful, informative article! And for the price of just under $700…! I love all of your sweet family photos. Thank you for taking the time to document and detail all the aspects of your trip, this is a definite booking if we’re ever in Tennessee!

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