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Healthy Freezer to Crockpot Meals with What a Crock!

Don’t feel like cooking? Don’t worry because you can now enjoy healthy, ready and no-mess meals from freezer straight to your crockpot with What a Crock!

What’s better than having a chef-crafted meal at your home?

That’s what you get when you open the website of What a Crock for the first time. A scrumptious-looking dish welcomes you with a guarantee that you will love the food.

Besides great food, the folks at What a Crock have a great story on how they got into the business. How Pinterest ideas of preparing healthy freezer meals in advance (sounds like a great idea, especially if it is coming from a pregnant woman) and finishing them off in a slow-cooker or crockpot led to a full-fledged business?

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Brieanna West and her husband Justin started What a Crock in 2013 from a rented local kitchen and purchased their first building in 2014. The business flourished, and now they have five retail locations and serve the entire continental United States. 

Justin and Brieanna West with their kids

You can read their inspiring story HERE

What a Crock is a family-owned venture offering home-cooked meals. These ready-to-cook meals are conceptualized by professional chefs and need a slow-cooker to prepare a healthy restaurant-quality meal. They call their meals “no prep, no mess, delicious meals.” With fresh meat, veggies, and sauces, all their recipes are perfect combinations of healthy and delicious restaurant-like delicacies. The meals are delivered in the frozen form right at your doorstep, ready to go into the slow-cooker.

Let’s have a look at their menu.


After having a look at the delectable home page, I was eager to see their menu. The menu is under two main categories

Shipping Order Menu

Consists of all the meals that can be delivered to your doorstep. From Jambalaya to appetizing Jerk Chicken and Palak Paneer (for vegetarians) to White Chocolate Strawberry Cake, the list is never-ending.

Menu of Retail Outlets

Besides the shipping order menu, the menu page has been categorized into five retail outlet menus, including Brookhaven Menu, Reading Terminal Market Menu, Booths Corner Menu, Quakertown Menu, and Collingdale (curbside only) Menu. These menus are categorized under meat, vegetarian, vegan, dips, soups, side dishes, desserts, sauces, and no gluten dishes. You can even order bundles such as Customer Favorites, Healthy Living and Crock Classic (5 nights of Dinner & a Soup or Dip) and save up to $70 . How cool is that?

You can download their printable menu and keep it in your kitchen drawer for easier emergency access.

On Sale Menu

Who doesn’t like the word “SALE”? What a Crock has “On Sale” menu where you can find their meals at reduced prices, and by reduced, I mean almost 50% off. So if you are ordering for the first time, you can avail yourself the reduced prices for the same great taste.

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Food is one thing that brings families and friends together. We forget about everything when we sit around the dinner table. Everything was fine, and then the pandemic happened. No handshakes and hugs, and maintaining a safe social distance; COVID changed the way we socialized. For over a year now, it has become impossible to get together and have a meal with our near and dear ones.

However, you can still share a meal with your loved ones. With What a Crock’s Gift Cards, you can share a fantastic meal with your friends and family. Purchase a digital gift card and it will be sent right to your email address at checkout. Email this gift card to anyone you want to share your next meal with.

What a Crock also offers gift sets that comes with meals, a dessert, slow cooker liners and a personalized greeting cards, all packed in an exclusive What a Crock tote bag! What a great way to say thank you, get well soon, and I care for you by saving your loved ones the hassle of cooking dinner?


Along with slow-cooker meals, What a Crock has something that sounds and smells great; grilled meals! From sausages to burgers and steaks to clams, What a Crock has got you covered with some great grilled meal options


What a Crock’s Portion Chart tells you the quantity you should expect in each meal. They serve food by portions; one portion (weighing between 1.5 to 2 pounds) is good enough for one person with a big appetite or two persons who like to eat light. I love the detailed representation of the portions chart. This chart will also help you decide how much you should order for your family.  


Unlike other food businesses that hardly care about what their customers consume, What a Crock has a complete list of nutritional facts and allergens on their website. Whether you are having Old Fashioned Pot Roast or Uptown Beef Stew, you can find out what exactly you are consuming. Now you can eat while keeping your health in check!


What separates What a Crock from other meal delivery services? It requires NO SUBSCRIPTION. With over 70+ chef crafted meals, their customers can order from single to family serving portions.


Just by using the code: THEBOYS at checkout, you can enjoy a $10 off on your first order. Sounds like a good deal right?

Order Now

To enjoy What a Crock’s great-tasting ready-to-cook meals, visit the order now page and select one of three options.

One-time Shipping Order will be delivered to your doorstep. Healthy frozen meals will be packed with dry ice and insulation and should be kept in the freezer until ready to go into your crockpot.

Pick-up Order can be placed at any of the five retail outlets and picked up as per schedule. You can select the pickup time according to your convenience.

Start a Meal Plan for those who want recurring meal subscriptions. You can either choose your own meals, or the chefs at What a Crock will select meals for you; in both cases, you can pause, cancel or change your meal plan when required.

You can enjoy free shipping for orders over $99 if you place your orders from eastern states and orders over $199.99 if you place orders from the mid-west.

Still can’t decide what to cook?

Order your meal from What a Crock right away!

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