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30+ Simple Dad and Son Bonding Activities for Lasting Memories

The relationship between a dad and son is built from trust, time, love and friendship.  Here are simple yet special activities dad can do to bond extraordinarily with his son.

While it is true that a mother plays a critical condition in the first 3 years of child development, the role of the father should not be taken for granted.

Caring for my 3 boys taught me about men that I never fully understood before.  A father needs to provide the masculine support my boys need.  In our society, a dad is still expected to provide for the family, he is also the foundation of strength and character of the kids. (This is not to minimize the role of women; I know of many strong women and mothers who act as providers, too!)

One good thing the pandemic brought us is the shift from office to work-from-home arrangement of my husband.  Also because of the pandemic, his out of town travels stopped altogether. My boys can enjoy and spend more time with their dad. 

To appreciate all the dads this Father’s Day, let us take time to give them the spotlight.

Here are some activities that can surely create a lifelong bonding and memories between dad and son.

Dad and Son Activities To Create Special Bonding

Plant in the Backyard

Come Spring season, boys can help plant and grow vegetables and flowers in the garden.  Just be prepared to get dirty and messy. 

Go Fishing

Get your son his own fishing rod.  Not only will it teach him the value of patiently waiting, dad can also talk about everything and anything under the sun.

Ride a Boat

Paddle your way across or around the lake by riding a boat. Dad can do all the paddling or get your son involved.

Go to the Playground

This is non-debatable. Just go out on a playground, sweat, run, slide and have fun with the boys.

Play a Ball Game

Pick a ball game of your son’s choosing.  Basketball and soccer are the two best ball games for kids.  Hustle your way to the goal and dribble it down to the ring.

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Visit a Museum

When you want to answer your son’s why’s and how’s, give museums a shot.  Feed his curiosity and discover new learnings together.

Build Car Tracks

Would there be a boy who doesn’t love cars? These dad and son bonding activities will surely wow the kids. You can either buy car sets or make it at home using cardboards. Hot Wheels car sets are my boys’ favorites.

Set a Board Night Game

Monopoly, chess, Cadoo, the choices are limitless.  Be sure to clean up after so mom won’t get mad.

Go on a Vacation

Dad, take a break from your usual daily norm.  Take your boys to a dream vacation.

Play Putt Putt Golf

Go putt putting.  This is a hit to all kids because there is really no skill required.  Just have fun and hit the ball.  Bonus if you can hit hole-in-one.

30+ Simple Activities Dad Can Do To Bond Extraordinarily With Your Son

Push and Pull a Wagon

Get dad’s muscles working. This push and pull wagon ride works for solo or multiple boys.  You can walk in the neighborhood or if you prefer to do it indoors, back and forth across the hall works well too.

Kiddie Wrestling

Fair warning, this will be a loud and wild physical bonding activity for dad and son. It might make mom’s heart jump out of her chest but absolutely dad got it! Expect laughters and giggles to fill out the room.

Take a Plunge

Pool or lake, take a dip and enjoy swimming on a hot sunny day. Just don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.

Read a Book

Sit down with your son and let him pick the book. Dad can read out loud solo or alternately with your boy.

Write a Story Together

Feed your son’s imagination. This dad and son activity is also one of my personal favorites. Dad and son alternately write the sequence of the story. Sky's the limit and let your creativity flow.

Waddle in the Lake

If you’re not in the mood for a swim, maybe a waddle will do.  Try to throw some rocks or feed wild ducks.

Play Catch

Get a ball or frisbee to play with. Best to do it outdoors.

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Visit the Zoo

Let his favorite animal character and stuffed toy come to life by visiting the zoo. You can explore animal encounters depending on the zoo’s policy.

Beat the Drums

If dad got some drumming skills, just give your sons some beat at let them dance to the music.

Play in the Snow

Put your winter coats on. Build a snowman. Make snow angels. Do sledding. Best to drink a hot cocoa after to warm you up.

Make Playdough

There are lots of easy playdough recipes online. The ingredients are almost always available in your kitchen. Have fun mixing colors.

Be Silly

Go for unplanned activities. Do what kids do best, be silly. Tell dad jokes and fun stories. Get loose!

Celebrate Special Occasions

As much as you can, don’t miss out on special occasions. Celebrate every victory of your son, maybe a soccer goal, good grades, belt promotions and more. Dad needs to be there!

Get Fit Together

No time to hit the gym, exercise with your boys. You might be surprised how exercise can easily wear you off while your boys ask for more.

Watch movies

Set a weekly dinner movie night. Pick a movie that you will both love to watch. Get your popcorn ready.

Take a walk or nature trip

When the weather is nice, go out and get some fresh air. Take your son to a walk in the greenway or camp out.

Go to a trampoline park

Another go-to place for dad and son activities is the trampoline park. This is perfect for father and sons who are physically active. Jump 'till you drop.

Be your son’s hairstylist

Not only you the father gets to bond with your son, it will also save you tons of money. Just make sure you practice the skill before cutting his hair.

Go to a picnic

Enjoy an al Fresco lunch with your boys. Pack your lunch, ready and serve. Be ready to run around after eating.

Teach to ride his bike

Nothing beats the joy of a kid learning to ride his first bike. And who else should be there beside your son, no one but you, dad.

Go ice skating

Time to reach your son some new skills. Get him in to sports and leisure. Try ice skating. If he likes it, you can enroll your son to an ice skating class.

Be present in school activities

You might want to see how your son's face light up seeing you one of the audience while he performs his best act. Whether it is a theater performance, family fair or dance night, dad should make time to bond with his son.

Fathers, don’t be a stranger to your sons. You are equally important in the formation of values and characters of your children. Have you heard your son say, “I want to be like dad when I grow up.” It is because your sons follow your example. So be a good one. Let me know how these dad and son bonding activities help you make memories together.

I also want to take this time to thank my husband for being the best father his boys can ever have. Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. My husband does so many of these with my boys also. He gave them haircuts during the pandemic too!

  2. These are some awesome ideas! The photos are great and really help to bring all of these ideas to life! This is a wonderful source for dads!

  3. such wonderful activities for parents and children to do together!.. and i agree with all of them, especially the being silly part 🙂

  4. These are wonderful ideas! I’ll be sure to bookmark this page – sometimes we run out of ideas for my little guy and his dad!

  5. These are really nice bonding activities. I remember my husband and son when out fishing. My son wouldn’t stop talking about it. He was just so happy. Thank you for sharing these ideas. Will share them with my husband for a future boys’ day out.

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