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Ultimate Baby Nursery Items Buying Guide for New Parents

What to buy and what not to buy? Relax! Here is the ultimate guide for new parents to buying baby nursery items

It’s amazing to become parents for the first time! Most parents start the preparations to welcome their baby during the early days of pregnancy. As you get farther into your pregnancy, doing anything becomes difficult. New parents look forward to decorating and organizing baby’s nursery! But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.   

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Nursery Items

Believe me, it isn’t your regular shopping. It’s exciting to enter a baby store. There’s lots of options! Cute, colorful and interesting stuff overwhelms you and you feel like buying everything. Not everything you see in a baby store is an absolute necessity. You have to keep in mind multitude of things before buying baby nursery items. 

Do Your Research

This is where every type of shopping should begin; research. You need to go prepared especially when you are a first time parent and shopping for your baby’s little den. Baby stuff is irresistibly cute and there are chances of crossing your budget after buying just a few items. So, you need to carry out thorough research, make lists, ask for reviews, seek help from friends, and go to the store well prepared. 

Do not Buy Everything at Once

Kids grow out real fast so it isn’t wise to buy everything at once. There are certain things that you won’t need during the first year for example such as high chair or baby activity gyms, so don’t buy everything that looks cute because you can always buy this kind of stuff later. 


Keep in mind the size of everything you buy for the baby and the nursery. You don’t want to buy furniture that is too big for the room and clothes that are too small for the baby. This will save you the hassle of returns and exchanges. 


When buying nursery items, keep in mind the safety of the baby. Always check for recommended age and buy things accordingly.

Consider the Season

Buy items that keep up with the season. You don’t need to buy newborn sized blankets or outfits if the baby is arriving in summer as he would have outgrown the blanket in the winter. 

Wait for the Sales

Christmas and Black Friday sales are perfect to stock up items for your baby’s nursery. You will find some great deals on furniture, bedding, baby gear and other accessories during these sales.

Buy Gender Neutral Items

Although pinks and blues sound amazing but if you are planning to extend your family beyond one child, buy bigger and expensive stuff in gender neutral colors. Wallpapers, flooring, rugs, furniture in neutral tones give a more pleasing effect and can be re-used for the next baby irrespective of the gender.      

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Baby Nursery Items Buying Guide

This ultimate baby nursery items buying guide is specially formulated for new parents and will be a real time saver.


Nursery décor, like any other room, starts with the selection of colors for the room. You can opt for paint, but the look and feel of the room gets enhanced with the wallpaper. Whether you know the gender or still keeping it a surprise, the selection of wallpaper has been made easier by Project Nursery .

From Floral to Botanical and Graphic, Woodland, Whimsical to Gender Neutral, the options are amazing and endless. The colors, prints, and patterns are to die for. You can choose wallpaper or wall decal depending on the theme of your nursery. The best thing is the wallpaper calculator where you can enter the width and height of the walls and get a complete estimate of how much wallpaper is required for the nursery, saving you time and money. 


Decorating the room for the tiny little human who is going to be a big part of your life is very exciting. You can select nursery furniture depending upon the size of the room, color scheme, and theme.

Project Nursery has some great options for nursery furniture. If the room is small, you can buy Mini Crib, which is available in 3 colors, and for bigger rooms, you can opt for 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 convertible cribs. Since baby’s safety is the utmost priority, all the cribs are designed keeping in mind all the security protocols. I specifically love their bassinets, a perfect combination of modern beauty and comfort.

Besides crib, you can add a recliner . You can nurse your baby or put him to sleep while sitting in this comfortable recliner. 


I love the lively little nurseries decorated with floral, polka dot, animal, and solid pastel beddings. An otherwise dull-looking nursery comes to life with beautiful patterned soft-colored beddings. Project Nursery is your one-stop shop for blankets, quilts, throws, crib sheets, and skirts, decorative pillows, swaddle blankets, and changing pad covers. Depending on the theme of your nursery, you can select from Bohemian, Floral, Organic, Solid, Whimsical, and Gender Neutral.  My personal favorites are floral and whimsical; beautiful blends of soft colors, babyish patterns, and prints. 


Baby nursery is incomplete without a dresser. After all, you need space for all those tiny onesies, socks, vests, and other accessories. You can opt for a 3-drawer or a 6-drawer dresser for your newborn’s nursery. For convenience and space saving tip, opt for dresser that can be transformed into changing stations. You can remove the changing tables once the baby has grown out of diapers. These dressers cum changing tables are perfect for new parents who are still struggling with diapers and changing newborn baby’s clothing.  

Storage Baskets

Baby nursery can get messy very quickly. One diaper accident can give you a pile of dirty clothes. Scattered toys are another story. One of the must-haves for a baby nursery is a storage basket, bins, or bags. You can buy storage baskets/bins in various designs, colors, and sizes. Storage baskets come in handy, especially when the guests are at the door, and the nursery is all messed up. They can be easily hidden in the cupboards or taken to the laundry.  

Wall Décor

Baby nurseries should look lively and welcoming. Whether you like a contemporary-looking nursery or are in favor of modern minimalist designs, the baby nursery isn’t complete without wall décor. You can opt for wall tapestries, animal head wall hangings and picture frames, stuffed felt wall décor, and quotes printed on canvas.

I came across a few excellent wall décor items on Project Nursery and I particularly loved this framed canvas on Project Nursery that says, “Adventure is out there”. It reminds me of the movie Up by Disney Pixar.

You can opt for letter boards and write your own personalized messages for your baby.

Don’t forget to have a look at Art Prints , a great collection of frames to match all kinds of themes and color combinations.


No matter how much effort you have put into decorating the nursery, it’s the rug that brings everything together. A beautiful centerpiece gives the room a cozy look and that final touch.

Project Nursery has made it easier for you to select a rug for your baby’s nursery. My personal favorites are their washable rugs because that’s what you need in a baby’s room in case of accidents. Their faux sheepskin rugs and canvas rugs could give the room a classy look. Baby animal rugs are utterly cute and would instantly enhance the look of the room if you have selected a jungle theme for your baby’s nursery. With several colors, themes, shapes, and sizes to choose from, Project Nursery should be your first choice for rugs for the nursery.

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Night Lights

Although babies feel comfortable in the dark, a light in the room will save you from trips and falls. A night light is one of the nursery’s “must-haves” . Although the light should be very dim when the baby is asleep, it will be very helpful in changing diapers and feeding in the middle of the night. has moonlights and melodies nightlights in adorable owl and elephant shapes. These dimmable nightlights feature 8 melodies and nature sounds with star and moon projection for that starry night look in the room. The auto-timer allows you to turn it off automatically after a certain time. These animal nightlights will be a perfect addition to any pastel-themed nursery décor.   

Baby Monitor

It gets challenging and overwhelming for new parents to peek into the baby’s room every now and then to check if the baby is asleep or crying. A baby monitor comes in very handy to keep a check on the baby. You can opt for audio-only or audio/video models where the audio model only relays the sound, and you can see the baby sleeping in the video models.

Owlet Smart Sock 3rd Generation has cam video monitors, smart sock monitors, and a bundle pack where video and sock monitor come as a pack. Where a video monitor keeps a check on the baby’s movement, the smart sock monitor tracks the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. You can set safe zones for your baby’s vitals, and the monitor will inform you if the readings cross the safe zone. 

Humidifiers and Soothers

Being new parents, your concern about your baby’s safety, health and wellbeing is genuine. If someone says you are overdoing or overthinking, the answer is, no, you are not. You are in complete control and can do whatever you want to do for your baby’s comfort. 

The next item on the buying list is humidifiers and soothers. Humidifiers help improve the baby’s breathing, avoid dry skin and keep the baby safe from respiratory problems. The humidifiers at Project Nursery are a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Soothers on the other hand help calm down the baby and put them to sleep. Aside from preloaded sound and music, look for soothers with multi-function like timer, projector and adjustable volume.

These soothers and humidifiers not only do their job but look good as part of nursery décor. 

The list of nursery essentials is endless. There are hundreds of items other than the essentials that you can buy for your newborn’s nursery; however the above few are the mere basics. Have a look at the list and share your thoughts about what worked for you. It will help all the new parents out there in making smart choices for their baby’s little sanctuary.  

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  1. All great suggestions! My favorite is the night lights. Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t realize we need and I wish I would’ve had one on my registry.

  2. I’m a mom of six and I think this is one of the best baby items buying guides I’ve seen in all my 17 years of being in this stage!

  3. I totally agree to not buy it all at once. I also remember it taking awhile before my kids even slept in their nurseries. It was so fun to get it all set up though.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I wish I had it before having my kids. It would have helped me a lot. I made the mistake of buying everything early and all at once.

  5. I heard some of these guides from my parents like do not buy it all at once, do research, and of course, wait for the sale. LOL!

  6. The perfect guide for new parents! Shopping for our little ones can be challenging but this guide can be super helpful.

  7. Such a great post! A lot of first time parents buy everything thinking they will need it but then really don’t need half of it! Great to wait and buy just what it important!

  8. Doing research and reading product reviews is definitely necessary for purchases that we have to trust will be safe for our babies.

  9. This is a great list, takes me back to when I was shopping for my kids.

    I practiced the top of not trying to buy everything at once since I was on a budget and this helped my sanity. Lol

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