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8 Awesome Places to Get Free Books for Kids by Mail

Who doesn’t like free books? Here is a list of 8 amazing places that offer free books for kids by mail.

My eldest one loves to read. I am always on the lookout for age-appropriate books but no number is ever enough for him. There are e-books but my son prefers a print one.

We always buy books (which obviously affects our budget) or borrow from the local library. Fortunately, my 2 younger boys receive free books every month. Then I started wondering if there are other organizations sending free books for kids that we can get by mail.

I did thorough research, and here is what I found: free books exist! Here are several places that send free books for kids by mail.

1. The Dolly Parton Imagination Library

If you are planning to introduce the love of reading to your children, start as early as possible. At Dolly Parton Imagination Library, you can enroll your kid right after birth. The simple and hassle-free signup allows you to get access to a huge collection of brand new, age appropriate books.

This Imagination Library by Dolly Parton serves children from birth until five years old and was established to send free books to every kid without qualifications.

You can check the availability of the program in your area. If eligible, your child can receive one free book every month until they turn five.

2. Book Swapping

If you have a book that has been on the shelf for a long time, you might want to consider swapping it in exchange for a free book.

PaperBackSwap is an online trading book all over the country. You must be a member to start swapping. Books should be in good condition. List your books you want to swap with other members. If your book has been requested, you may choose from over a million collection of books in return. You have to pay the postal fee of books you send out, but the books you receive are free. Books you received are yours to keep or you may swap it again.

Another book swapping site is BookMooch. You can start listing books after you signed up. Booch Mooch works by earning points. Every book you mail to others gives you points. You will use these to request a free book from other members.

3. Barnes and Noble

Another great place you can add to your list of free books for kids by mail is through Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program. This program is available for children Grade 1-6. Kids should read any 8 books and fill in a form (available HERE) and hand it over at any Barnes and Noble store. This entitles the the kid to choose 1 free book from the store’s list.

4. Fresh Fiction

Fresh Fiction gives free books in exchange for a review. Well! That’s a good deal after all. Select titles of the books you want to review, post the review on Fresh Fiction’s website and get free books in the mail. They have a wide variety of books for children to choose from. Not only do you get a free book, you can also get the chance to interview and connect with the author.

5. LEGO Magazine

If your kid loves LEGO (I am sure he does), he would absolutely be thrilled to get a free Lego Magazine for free. Available for children between the ages 5 to 9, LEGO delivers free LEGO Life Magazine to your home five times a year. You just need to subscribe for free to become eligible. 

6. American Action Fund for Blind Children

Having a child with special needs at home means making special arrangements in various aspects of life. Nothing should stop a child from reading books.

American Action Fund for Blind Children makes sure that every child including children who have low vision or blindness get free books to encourage the love for books and reading. You can sign up for this program and receive a free Braille book per month. You can check out this year’s titles HERE .

The program offers latest books every year so that your blind child remains up-to-date with the newest book titles and can discuss it with his friends.

7. Social Media Groups

To develop a love for reading, parents from around the world have created groups on Facebook and Instagram where you can get in touch with like-minded parents.

There are some groups where you can exchange books for books free of cost. Share the list of books you want to exchange. Get in touch with parents who might be interested to swap free books. This is a great way to introduce wide variety of books from different cultures and countries to your children.

8. Direct from Authors

It may sound difficult but it is one of the ways to get free books (in exchange for a sincere review).

There are several budding writers who are trying to claim their place in literary circles. The best way to get registered as an authentic writer is through reviews.

You can get in touch with writers from around the world and offer them a solid review in exchange for their book. Most of the new writers happily send out their books to get feedback. It’s a win-win for both the parties. 

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It is very important to develop literacy skills in children and the best way to do so is by developing reading habit from a very young age. The sooner they are exposed to letters and words the easier it will be for them to get hold of complex literary concepts. 

Jacqueline Kennedy said, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”  

If getting free books for kids by mail was not an option for you until now, you should try one of these amazing places to get a free book for your kids now. 

Happy Reading!!     

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11 thoughts on “8 Awesome Places to Get Free Books for Kids by Mail

  1. I need to see if the Dolly Parton thing is in my area yet. We also love finding Little Free Libraries in different neighborhoods!

  2. I’m definitely keeping my 6-year-old busy reading this summer and this post is super helpful in finding new books to read. Thanks for sharing all these resources.

  3. I recall checking for the Dolly Parton library but unfortunately we didn’t have it as of a few months ago… And we do have delightful Little Free Libraries in our area…I like to add books to those every once in a while and have kept aside a few books for that purpose..

  4. Aww you brought back some memories for me. My son will be 16 this year but when he was a baby he was signed up for the Dolly Parton free books. His favorite was The Little Engine that Could, we would read that book every single night, multiple times. He still talks about our reading nights. So sweet!

  5. This is a fantastic post … I’m in a number of book groups so will be sharing it! I don’t have kids but this is brilliant. Would have loved this as a child.

  6. Wow I didn’t know about it until now that I’ve come across with your post. We usually get free books here when some stores have their sale and would randomly give away books to kids.

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