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50 Non-Character Birthday Party Themes for 1 Year Old Boy

Planning for your baby’s first birthday party can be so exhausting and exciting at the same time. Here is a list of unique non-character birthday party themes for 1 year old boy.

My youngest recently celebrated his first birthday. It was an intimate outdoor party since we didn’t want to put everyone at risk of Covid-19. There was a playground a few meters away from the picnic shelter so it was perfect for kids and convenient for parents.

We had a construction site birthday theme party.  Choosing the birthday party theme for my 1 year old baby boy was non-debatable. Why? Because my kids are obsessed with trucks.

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I bought some really good finds on Amazon like birthday and photo banners, balloons and stand. That said, I received a lot of compliments for the photo banner. I love to take monthly birthday photos of my baby so I hung them for viewing. Everybody loved it.

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5 Things to Help You Choose Birthday Party Theme

Whether you are a DIY, Pinterest or Amazon mom, conceptualizing and planning for a baby’s first birthday is a lot to think about.  The first question you need to address is what will your theme be. 

Once you are decided with the theme, everything else will follow. One checkbox leads to another so expect to think of lots of ideas and changes along the way. But if you really can’t decide what your theme will be, consider one of these things. 

  1. Birthday season: What season does your baby’s birthday month fall? You can definitely go outdoors and think of water or nature theme and activities if it’s in the summer. Likewise, if the weather falls on autumn or winter, you can do snow, Christmas or Halloween themes.
  2. Baby’s Interest: What does your baby want to play with? Is there a show that keeps him occupied and makes him giggle? Just thinking of what your baby’s interests are will give you a list of themes to consider.
  3. Budget: This is one big factor to consider in planning for your baby’s birthday theme. If you have the means and budget, you can consider themes that are hard to find and buy decors that cost a fortune. But if you’re wallet is tight like mine, there are a lot of boy-themed decors on Dollar Stores, Walmart or Amazon. You can use your imagination, DIY and be creative.
  4. Family Hobby: What does your family love doing best? Do you have any family sports or interest? Dressing up for the party would be fun for the whole family. If you are all into ball games, go for a sports theme party. Or if you love motorcycles or cars, a racing birthday party would be perfect.
  5. Character or non-character: Character themed parties are based on characters on a tv show, a book or a movie. Party supplies are usually bought from authorized distributor to prevent copyright infringement. On the other hand, non-character themed parties are generic and based on everyday events. You can innovate and create designs out of imagination.


Non-Character Birthday Party Themes for 1 Year Old Boy

Can’t decide your baby boy’s birthday theme party? Here is a list of 50 non-character themes for 1 year old boy’s birthday party.

  1. Happy BEE-day
  2. Sports (baseball, basketball, football)
  3. Skater
  4. Karate
  5. Swimming
  6. Arts and Crafts
  7. Pumpkin 
  8. One in a Melon
  9. Sharks
  10. Donut Grow Up
  11. ONE Happy Camper
  12. Jungle Safari Wild ONE
  13. Beach
  14. Construction site
  15. Teddy Bear or Bear Theme
  16. Cowboy
  17. Underwater Sea Creatures
  18. The First Rodeo
  19. Monochromatic Black and White
  20. Mr. ONEderful
  21. Vroom Vintage Racer
  22. QuarONEtine
  23. Pirate
  24. Sailor
  25. Milk and Cookies
  26. Candy land
  27. Space
  28. Rocket
  29. Airplanes
  30. Zoo animals
  31. Farm animals
  32. Circus
  33. Owl / Woodland
  34. Camouflage
  35. Rockstar
  36. Bubbles
  37.  Rodeo
  38. Video games
  39. Solar System
  40. Secret Agents/Detective
  41. Crayons
  42. Trains
  43. Winter ONederland
  44. Dinosaur
  45. Lumber jack
  46. Motorcycle
  47. Rubber Ducky
  48. Monster
  49. Robot
  50. Monster Truck

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Believe me, it takes a lot to plan. But when you finally decide what your theme will be, you are one step forward to finishing your checklist. We all want to give the best birthday party to our babies, but what really matters is that we make them happy and celebrate it by all means together as a family.

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  1. Wow! These birthday themes are great! Planning takes priority for kids birthday! I choose what they are interested at the time of their birthdays as the themes. Always a hit!

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