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Review of Walmart Photo vs Target Photo Print and Home Delivery: Which is better?

Choosing the best place to print your photos can be tricky.  You have to consider the cost and quality.  Here is a side-by-side comparison of Walmart and Target photo print and home delivery service to help you decide where to print your photos.

Memories last a lifetime. Photos can take you to places you’ve never been.  It can also tell stories that could transcend generations. In addition to preserving the moment, photos connect you to the emotions and challenges associated with them.

You may keep a lot of photos on your phone or camera, but if you’re a mom like me who loves to print photos of my family, you may be torn on where to print these treasured moments.  Whether you put it on a photobook or a frame, you want to deliver the best quality photo that brings life to your images.

This post is a thorough comparison between Walmart and Target photo print and their home delivery services. I ordered the same print and sizes on the same day. I will also include the difference in their prices and their home delivery service.

My Order

Size: 8 x 10

Paper Finish: Glossy

Online User Experience

To be fair, I ordered prints from Walmart Photo several times so I am no stranger to their website. To go to Walmart’s online photo center, click here

Walmart Photo’s homepage is quite overwhelming. With a lot of products to choose from and small texts on the menu, it can be confusing to first time users. But once you’re settled on the kind of print you want, navigating can be easy as pie. Also, be sure you have a Walmart account or you can just sign up.

For this purpose, I ordered a home delivery service with glossy paper finish. 

  1. Click on the Print & Enlargement on the category menu, or just click Prints on the main menu.
  2. Choose Home Delivery Prints
  3. Click the desired size and finish, then click Create Now
  4. Upload your photo, edit and adjust then head on to check out.

It took 5 minutes to place my order.  An email was sent confirming my order at 11:33pm of June 29, 2021, expecting to arrive on July 8, 2021.

On the other hand, Target Photo website is clean and more organized.  While there are fewer products to choose from, it is not confusing, hence it is easier to navigate. Like Walmart’s, you need an account to place an order.

To start, go to the Target Photo Print website by clicking here.

  1. Click Prints on the main menu, then click the icon Shop Now. 
  2. It will guide you step-by-step to order prints from size to paper finish.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. When done, proceed to checkout.

I placed my order on June 29 with a 9-12 business day delivery window. It took me about 4-5 minutes to finish my transaction.

Assessment: Though I finished my transactions at almost the same pace, Target is less intimidating and more user-friendly for new users. On the other hand, I like Walmart’s photo editing features before finalizing your order. That way, I can resize and adjust the photos for the final layout.


Relatively, Walmart prices are cheaper than Target. For an 8 x 10 photo print, Walmart costs $2.84 while Target costs $3.99.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Walmart and Target Photo print sizes.

Print SizeWalmart PhotoTarget Photo
4 x 6$0.09$0.39
5 x 7$0.09$0.99
8 x 10$2.94$3.99
Wallet size$0.49$1.29
4 x 5.3$0.09$0.21
11 x 14$5.86$9.99
5 x 5$0.58$0.45
8 x 8$2.39$1.99
16 x 20$12.86$17.99
Delivery Fee$4.00$4.05

Assessment: Walmart Photo is cheaper especially for bulk photo printing. Although when I ordered 2 different print sizes, they charged me twice for shipping.

Target Photo has seasonal sitewide 50% sale that you can look out for. It will save you big time especially for large volume prints.


Photo Print Quality

Although Walmart Photo is cheaper, the quality is not compromised. It has a smooth glossy finish and replicates the original digital copy.

Walmart Photo

Target Photo presents quality prints. The exposure and color are balanced.

Target Photo

Assessment: Looking closely on both prints, Target Photo print is lighter and clearer. Although both prints have smooth, glossy texture, Target has a more defined color and crispiness.

Above: Walmart Photo, Below: Target Photo

Home Delivery Duration

I was surprised at how Walmart Photo delivered in such a quick time. I placed my order on June 29. Two days after, I received an email that my photos are ready to print. And by July 2, the photos were right in front of my doorsteps, enclosed in an envelope.

While Walmart Photo took only 3 days to arrive, Target Photo took forever. I placed my order on June 29 and received the photos on July 8.

Assessment: If you want a faster home delivery services, Walmart Photo is your friend. But if you are willing to wait, you can opt for Target Photo.


Walmart prints came with its own branded hard envelope.

On the other hand, Target Photo prints are enclosed in a white hard envelope without branding and logo.

Assessment: Presentation and packaging votes go to Walmart. Although both envelopes are sealed and crease-free, Walmart elevates its packaging standards.

Even though customers look after print quality, packaging and presentation are great marketing tools to attract potential patrons. Branded packaging reflects the idea that high delivery standards matter. It is recognizable and stands out among the competitor brands.


Given the detailed comparison between Walmart Photo and Target Photo, the decision where to print your digital images still lies on your hands. Whether you consider 2 or 3 of these factors: user experience, price, print quality, delivery schedule, and packaging, the importance of preserving the memories is still the ultimate purpose.

Cheers to making more memories!

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11 thoughts on “Review of Walmart Photo vs Target Photo Print and Home Delivery: Which is better?

  1. I enjoyed reading your detailed comparison of getting photos printed from Target or Walmart. This is so helpful, especially with the Fall and holidays coming up soon!

  2. What a great review, in this day and age it is hard to know what you are getting anymore. Fun factoid I use to work at photo counter back in the day when you got double prints and could return the the ones you did not like LOL!

  3. I love this review. I need to try Target photos. I’m willing to spend a little extra if the color/crispness/quality is better.

  4. Thank you for this review. I’ve used Walmart photo but in store years ago, I didn’t know I could use the service online.

  5. This is great! The quality of Target’s photos are obviously better, but I can settle for Walmart for the overall value! 🙂

  6. Great post and very informative. I think I needed to read this before Christmas. I am going to try the Walmart printing service this time. I like it because it is quite cheap than Target. Thanks for sharing.

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