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101 TV Shows for Boys aged 1-12 Years Old (Aside from Cocomelon!)

Kids have their favorite TV shows. If you want to introduce a new series for your kids on TV or Youtube, here is a list of 101 shows that your 1-12 year-old boys will enjoy.

If I want to get things done in the house, I resort to screen time to give me some space. And yes I am one guilty mom who befriend TV and tablet so I can move around the house. But before you judge me please, I have some restrictions on how long their screen time is and what shows are allowed.

One of our all-time favorite shows that never fails to amaze my boys is Cocomelon. But when the songs are playing nonstop and bugs you even during bath time, maybe it is time to introduce new shows. I have no qualms against Cocomelon, my kids love it and so do I. It is a good show that teaches values and family. I just want to have some diversity so my kids know that other shows do exist.

TV Parental Guidelines

Before introducing new TV shows to your boys, make sure they are age appropriate. While you can set parental controls on TV and tablets, it is still necessary to know the content of what your kids are watching. This is where TV Parental Guidelines, a rating system established in the United States, sets in.

Do you ever wonder what the letter codes in the upper left corner of your tv screens are for? Or for streamed shows, the letter are usually placed right under the show’s title.

These letters represent the TV ratings guide to provide parents more information which programs are suitable for kids according to their age.

To help you give information if the shows are suitable for the kids are not, here is a downloadable TV ratings guideline. You can also check out for more information.


Here is a list of 101 TV shows for your boys that I recommend according to age. While these TV shows are categorized according to age, it is not absolute and can be interchangeable depending on the interests of your child.

While these shows are meant for kids, I still recommend for you to know their content and suitability. And as much as you can, watch with your kids so you can monitor their screen time and interests.

3 Years Old and Below

1. Baby Einstein

2. Elmo

3. Baby TV

4. Loo Loo Kids

5. Little Baby Bum

6. Esme & Roy

7. Cleo & Cuquin

8. Pinkfong

9. Jack Hartmann Kids Music

10. Little Einstein

11. Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers

12. Pocoyo

13. Hooplakids

14. The Backyardigans

15. The Wiggles

16. Mother Goose Club

17. Charlie’s Colorform City

18. Hey Bear Sensory

19. Dave and Ava

20. Rhyme Time Town

21. Go Buster

22. Word Party

23. Bo On the Go!

24. Yo Gabba Gabba

25. Go! Go! Cory Carson

26. Beat Bugs

27. Brain Candy

3-5 Years Old

28. Blippi

29. Tayo the Little Bus

30. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

31. Bob the Builder

32. Little People

33. Ricky Zoom

34. Super Monster

35. Tom the Tow Truck

36. T.O.T.S.

37. Puppy Dog Pals

38. Thomas the Train

39. Number Blocks

40. Berenstain Bears

41. Alphablocks

42. Octonauts

43. Paw Patrol

44. Blues Clues

45. Winnie the Pooh

46. Bluey

47. Bubble Guppies

48. Rugrats

49. PJ Masks

50. Dirty And Stinky

51. Super Why

52. Dino Ranch

53. Trash Truck

55. Blaze and the Monster Machines

56. Peppa Pig

57. Daniel Tiger

58. Jake and the Neverland Pirates

59. Miniforce

60. Handy Manny

61. Dugs Day

62. Ryan’s World

63. Mighty Express

64. Tumble Leaf

65. Dino Dan 

66. Special Agent Oso

5-7 Years Old

67. Sid the Science Kid

68. Rescue Bots

69. Monster at Work

70. Spidey and His Amazing Friends

71. Alien TV

72. Grizzy and the Lemmings

73. CatDog

74. Hey Arnold

75. Dinosaur Train

76. Super Wings

77. Gigantosaurus

78. Spongebob

79. Curious George

80. Ben10

81. Dino Trux

82. Craig of the Creek

83. Adventure Time

84. Steven Universe

85. Lego

86. Teen Titans

87. Kazoops

88. The Lion Guard

89. Magic School Bus

90. Storybots

91. Pete the Cat

92. Shark Dog

93. Johnny Test

94. Miles from Tomorrowland

8-12 Years Old

95. Brainchild

96. The Last Kids on Earth

97. Scooby Doo!

98. Be Our Chef

99. Wild Kratts

100. Lab Rats

101. The Mysterious Benedict Society

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12 thoughts on “101 TV Shows for Boys aged 1-12 Years Old (Aside from Cocomelon!)

  1. Bluey and Little Baby Bum are two of my 2 year old’s favorite shows! We also really like Dora and he’s started picking up some words in Spanish. Great list!

  2. What a great list. So good to make sure our kids are watching age appropriate shows. To get things done I used to have to resort to screen time too when my kids were younger.No judgment here 😊

  3. such a cool list of shows.. while some of them seem like they could be newer, i recall watching many with my now-teens when they were younger

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