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A Roaring Family Visit to Dinosaur World Kentucky

Looking for a place to take your dinosaur-loving kids? Gear up, get ready and make your loudest roar as we get back in time with our family trip to Dinosaur World Kentucky.

I can no longer remember how my kids got obsessed with dinosaurs. But according to studies, imaginary play, like with dinosaurs, is a healthy part of children’s cognitive development. That despite their monstrous features, dinosaurs fit in a make-believe world kids create for themselves.

We live with dinosaurs everyday. My Spotify top playlist is dinosaur songs.  My 2nd born can recite dinosaur names from A to Z. From toys, clothes, to TV shows and birthday themes, these prehistoric creatures fascinate my children.

What could be a better family trip than to visit a dinosaur theme park that will make my kids’ imagination come alive. The perfect place is Dinosaur World in Cave City Kentucky, which is less than a 2-hour trip away from Nashville.

Dinosaur World Kentucky

Dinosaur World Kentucky is home to over 150 life-sized dinosaurs. It is situated along I-65, Cave City, Kentucky. What separates this dinosaur theme park apart from others is that the replicas are in a natural setting and not inside the museum.


The park is open daily, Sunday-Saturday, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM US Central time except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. General admission fees include walking exhibits to the dinosaur land, access to the playground, museum and boneyard.

ADULT$15.75 per person plus tax$21.95 per person plus tax
Includes admission and the Lucky Strike bag at the Dino Gem Excavation.
$29.95 per person plus tax
SENIOR (60+)$13.75 per person plus tax$26.95 per person plus tax
(3-12 years old)
$12.75 per person plus tax $19.95 per person plus tax
Includes admission and the Lucky Strike bag at the Dino Gem Excavation.
$24.95 per person plus tax
(2 years old & under)

Additional fee is required if you want to purchase a bag of minerals or gems.

Bags of 3 fossils from the Fossil Dig activity are available for $3 plus tax.
There are 4 bags to choose from ranging from $8 to $13.

Dinosaur Bone and Coprolite Bucket – $24.50

Amethyst and Citrine Bucket – $39.50
There are 4 sizes of geodes to choose from ranging from $5.95 to $16.95.

To check complete pricing, discounts and agreements, click here.

Walking Tour

The trail is easy to follow. There is a sign at the start and exit so you won’t get lost. But honestly, following the trail is easy as a pie. To avoid touching, vandalizing or riding the exhibits, there is a rope barrier throughout the trail. No one is allowed to get through it.

There is engraved information on every dinosaur statue including their names, pronunciation and a brief description about them.

There are over 150 life-size dinosaurs. But of course we have our favorites. We loved the plant-eating dinosaurs like the armoured Ankylosaurus, crested Parasaurolophus, and the three-horned Triceratops. How can we ignore the beauty of spiky Stegosaurus and the gentle giants Brachiosaurus.

We also have our best-loved meat-eating dinosaurs like the crocodile-jawed Spinosaurus and the fierce king of the dinos Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Prehistoric Museum

If you still can’t get enough and looking for more information about dinosaurs and their fossils, the indoor museum is just the right place for you. There are real and cast prehistoric fossils to explore with details written about it. Information panels about historic facts are situated on the walls.


Other Attractions

Fossil Dig

Fossil Dig is a guided activity where kids dig fossils in a pit. They can keep 3 favorite finds to take home. But due to Covid-19, this exhibit is temporarily closed until further notice.

Dino Gem Excavation

Let your kids experience the thrill of finding gems and treasures with Dino Gem Excavation. Purchase a bag of dirt and sand, place it on a sifter and run it on water. Discover real minerals, arrowheads and gems as the kids strain and sift the sand. The best thing about it is you can keep everything you find. What a great way to add treasures in their collection.

Bone Yard

The best way to teach kids how paleontologist find and excavate fossils is let them experience it by themselves. Let them grab a brush and uncover the 27-foot fossil under the sand.

Gift Shop

After a fun-filled tour and activities, grab your favorite dinosaur souvenirs and learning materials in park’s gift shop. From shirts to plush toys, books, magnets, to cards and videos, these are all good finds in the shop. There is also a wide variety of geodes and jewelry for adults to purchase.

Dino Playground

Unleash your kid’s energy in the dinosaur themed playground. Let them climb, slide and run with the dinosaurs. Enjoy your packed lunch and snacks on the tables and chairs around the playground.

Common Questions

Are food and drinks allowed?

Yes. The park doesn’t have concessions. You can bring packed lunch and snacks. There are plenty of tables and chairs in the playground and beside the museum.

How long does the walking trip last? 

Walking tour will last from 30-45 minutes on regular circumstances, which means,  you don’t have a dawdling or running kid, a photo taken on every dinosaur or stops at every station.

What is the exact address of the theme park?

Dinosaur World Kentucky is at 711 Mammoth Cave Rd, Cave City, Kentucky. 

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Yes.  Dinosaur World Kentucky is a dog-friendly theme park.

Our trip to Dinosaur World Kentucky might be short but sweet. It was an afternoon of running, excitement, learning and fun for the whole family.

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13 thoughts on “A Roaring Family Visit to Dinosaur World Kentucky

  1. We have a place similar to this here in Louisiana and my daughter loves it. She loves anything with dinosaurs.

  2. This looks like such a fun place to visit! I have family in Kentucky so next time we visit, I will definitely consider taking a family visit here.

  3. Looks like fun! My son has also been dino-obsessed since he was 2 and we have also visited a couple of similar places here in Germany.

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