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Mom On A Budget: How To Avoid Getting Broke After Christmas

Let’s enjoy the Holiday shopping spirit while trying not to get broke. Celebrate Christmas and spend less at the same time as I share several tips for moms on a budget.

We are a single-income household. When we decided to move to the US, we knew very well that I can’t work given our visa restrictions. Six years and 3 boys later, I am still a stay-at-home mom. It is a mutual decision between me and my husband that while my 2 younger boys don’t go to school yet, I keep them alive and fed 24/7. 

Christmas is a time to celebrate the gift of giving just like how the Three Wise Men offered gifts to baby Jesus in the story of Nativity. Giving gifts to kids and people who matter in our lives is a joy as they open their presents. I can imagine my kids squealing with joy as they tear the wrappers and open the boxes. 

So can I be a Santa without becoming broke after Christmas? Yes I can!  As a stay-at-home mom on a budget, I practice ways to be generous and thrifty at the same time. Here are the ways I keep my budget tight while making the most of the Holiday season.

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Tips To Keep A Mom On a Budget Without Getting Broke After Christmas

Make A Christmas Budget

First thing to keep in mind before we set down all the tips is to have a budget to work on. Do you have spare money for Christmas shopping or are you living from paycheck to paycheck? If Christmas is on your expense checklist, then breakdown your budget planner. Some items to consider are gifts for each person, decorations, attractions, food, vacations and charity. Also, don’t forget to factor in emergency expenses such as unexpected guests or last minute gifts.

Make A List Of Person To Give Gifts To

Before you buy your Christmas presents, list down all the names you want to give gifts to so you don’t miss anyone. You also don’t want to buy gifts then put them to waste just because you don’t know whom to give it to.

Give According To Your Own Ability

Gift giving is not about how expensive your gifts are.  Sounds cliche but true, “It’s the thought that counts”. Don’t buy gifts that will break the bank. If you really want a gift for a loved one but you don’t have the resources, save it for another occasion. 

Alternative DIY Gifts

If you are a mom on a budget but can easily transform trash to crafts or are gifted with artistic expression, you can always opt for Do-It-Yourself Christmas gifts. DIY gift ideas will not only save you a ton but you can always put a personal touch on them.


Shop Early

The earlier you shop, the better choices you have and the more you can space out your budget. You can go to a physical store or shop online. Don’t wait until Christmas is knocking on your doors and you rush to buy all the items you need. The Thanksgiving sale season is a good time to shop for deals on gifts and necessities.

Don’t Overspend for Christmas Gifts 

Don’t just make a budget planner for Christmas, you need to follow through. Stick to your budget, mom.

Recycle Christmas Decorations

You don’t need new Christmas decorations every year. Properly stored Christmas decorations can last in years. Put your Christmas tree in a zipper bag to protect them from dust and pests while the delicate and heirloom ornaments can go on a storage box organizers. No more torn and wrinkled Christmas wrappers when you put them in a gift wrapper storage bag. A properly labelled stackable plastic storage bins are best for keeping your Christmas decors protected.

Look Out For Sale

Have an eye on sale items either online or on physical stores. Usually, stores offer big discounts for Christmas shoppers during the season. Looking out for sale may require patience and diligence but I won’t mind if I can save bigtime.

Plan For Free Christmas Attractions and Activities

If a Christmas vacation or paid attractions is not on your expense list, take advantage of your city’s free Christmas attractions and activities. You may search for your city’s website, online or local magazines for December events near you. There are parks and cities that offer free display of Christmas light, concert, crafts and parades.


This may sound controversial for some, but it is okay to re-gift items you received but end up not using. This will save you some money, but you better make sure NOT to give that gift to the person who gave it to you or your kids.


Make It Up Next Year

After looking at your budget and you can’t squeeze Christmas shopping in, don’t worry mom, you can make it up next year. No one will force you to buy gifts you can’t afford. No material thing is better than celebrating Christmas with your family.


Christmas is a great time for giving and coming together as families and friends. Enjoy the festivities and the fun of Christmas. But don’t ever spend beyond what you can afford. Remember, the Post-Christmas poverty syndrome is real. Don’t fall into that trap. The main thing, still, is to remember the birth of Jesus, who showed us a great way to live.

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  1. Thank you for this. It’s a tough time and it can be hidden from most so this is good for people on a budget

  2. These are good points about managing money during the holidays. Christmas shouldn’t be so stressful and something that totally breaks the bank.

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