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10 Life Lessons I Learned Being a Mom of Boys

Teaching and learning go hand-in-hand. Learning starts from home as parents take the teacher role to their kids. But little do we know, kids can also be teachers in their own right. Probably not through ABC’s, 123’s or the science of everything, but kids have their ways to demonstrate how to live our life to the fullest. As I devote my full time and attention at home, my kids change me to the woman and person I am now.

As 2021 comes to an end, I sit down and contemplate on the lesson my boys taught me being their mom.

Forgive and forget 

I admire the vulnerability of my boys to forgive and forget. This is a life lesson that every adult should learn. Hatred cuts deep and it will ruin relationships. A forgiving heart is hard to achieve if we are not ready to forget.

When I feel fired up, keep it light

There is so much on my plate. Juggling motherhood, blogging, hustles and personal interests are a lot to handle. And when I don’t have the time to deal with conversations, I get easily fired up to get angry. When a situation like this arises, my son is there to remind me to keep it light. I just feel like a bucket of iced cold water is poured over me. 

Believe that God is in control

Every night I pray to God to keep my boys under His protection. There is a lot of uncertainty in this world and the only thing left is to believe that God protects us. 

Be resourceful

School projects, broken toys, food requests and anything that requires my mom skill to be creative and resourceful, I am in. Saying “No, I can’t do it.” is not an option if I can still do more. There would always be a solution to any problem, we only have to find a way.


The joys of sharing with a family

Price tags alone are not enough for happiness. No matter how cheap or expensive my boys’ toys are, as long as they play together, they are happy. A simple old blanket can be their fortress and will keep them entertained for hours. My oldest doesn’t want to play with his hoverboard unless we go outdoors with him or his friends. Simple things in life can make us happy as long as we are surrounded with family and friends.

Make room for unplanned things

Before kids, I always keep a list of my schedule for the day. Even on vacations, I can perfectly picture how my shoes will fit my outfit and accessories. I have a definite line-up of activities to fill up my day. But things have changed. I realized that wonderful memories also happen in unplanned moments. Being a mom of boys taught me to be flexible and embrace unforeseen events.

Sick? don’t panic

When my boys feel sick, going to the emergency room is not always the solution.  With my boys, I learned how mild or severe their sickness is and when to call the doctor. With my eldest, I became a patron of emergencies. Thanks to my insurance that took care of doctor visits. Now, I can treat mild sickness, boo boo’s and upset tummy at home. I am not a doctor but trusting my mom’s instinct helped me calm down. Don’t get me wrong here, when the situation is severe, I seek medical help.

Health is wealth

I have no help at home except for my husband. So getting sick is not an option. When I had surgery and was admitted alone in the hospital, I realized to value my health because my family needs me. At this stage, my boys are fully dependent on me. I need to take care of myself so I can take care of them.

Keep it slow, make memories

I am a mom from the moment I wake up to the last second I close my eyes at night. Apart from the never-ending duties to manage the household, my boys need me just to be their mom. Making time for them is not just a duty but because I love them. I need to stop, let the chores wait, and make memories with my boys.

Saying sorry melts the heart

How hard is it to say sorry? Ask a child who innocently hurt you but will do anything to make it up and won’t stop bugging you until you say you’re okay. No heart of stone can not be melted with the sincerest apology.


Learning doesn’t stop from here. As we make wonderful memories as a family, I know my boys will continue to show me the joys of being their mom.

 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

Matthew 18:3-5

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14 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons I Learned Being a Mom of Boys

  1. You have a beautiful family! These are all really great lessons to learn as a mom! It’s amazing how having children teaches us so much and humbles us.

  2. Children can teach us so much, often we become mothers thinking about all the things we will teach our children. But I know that my son has taught me so much. Thank you for sharing

  3. Wow mom of 1 boy and I loved this post! I pray over my son everyday that he stays protected because he is so fearless! Great reminder to keep enjoying the highs and lows of motherhood.

  4. It is such a good idea to step back sometimes and contemplate what our children teach us! I love your very first lesson of forgiving and forgetting. Once we become adults that becomes harder to do and I wish we were all more like children in this aspect. You have a beautiful family!

  5. So much wisdom from a mom of boys. I’m not a mom myself, but I’m thinking of a former colleague who should take a look at your blog.

  6. I always hear the term “boy mom”, and feel like there is culture being creating, while as I read this post I can certainly see those differences for sure. However I would love to see parents as whole becoming more unified as a group and less specialized into specific categories and segmented, it is hard for all the parents out there right, especially if you are doing a good job, and really being an active and involved parent.

  7. Yes, to all of these. I have learned a lot from my kids. I learn to be more patient and energetic at the same time. To be honest, you will learn a lot if you have your own family.

  8. As a mom of 3 boys the ‘take it slow’ resonated with me. Boys are always on the move so deeply appreciating just enjoying those moments are so sweet.

  9. Isn’t it funny how much we change as a mother from first kid to 2nd and 3rd?! This whole covid thing has thrown me for a loop though because I had become the kinda mom who was so chill about illness as long as fever was under 105 for less than 3 days. But now, it’s like, oh you gotta go get a test! ugh. i’m over it!

  10. as a mom of teenagers (one who is technically an adult at 18!), totally agree with all these.. being a mom teaches us so many life skills and lessons

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