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DIY and Low Cost Baby Shower Decorations for Thrifty Moms

If hiring a party planner is not on your expense list, you can cut down your cost by being creative and find lower cost party decorations. Here are some ideas for baby shower decorations that you can do without breaking the bank.

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At the top of my list of baby shower decorations is none other than balloons. Who doesn’t like balloons? It becomes the face of most celebrations like birthdays, festivals, weddings and feasts. Aside from being cheap and colorful, you can also play around and use them in different ways. You can make it float with helium gas, garland style, with a stand, or just scatter them on the floor. An electric pump or hand-held pump will get the job done, and the best thing is, you can store these tools and use them on your next party.


Having a backdrop adds glam to your baby shower decorations. It can be the center stage for food set-up, photo area and party program. There are many ways you can design your backdrop and here are some ideas.

1. Streamers

Streamers are a very cheap decoration idea that you can find in your local store. Foil metallic streamers and crepe papers are just some materials you can use.

2. Garland

Garland is simple but an elegant addition on your wall. You can also match the garland according to your baby shower theme: anchors for nautical, flower for summer, seashells for under the water, or star for outer space theme. Prepare your materials like printed objects, strings and wall hooks, and you can easily make this decoration.

3. Curtains

You will never see a curtain the same way when you transform it to a backdrop masterpiece. A simple, plain curtain with a splash of creativity will make your baby shower a party haven for guests. Here is an instruction video by Angelic Decor & Accessories on how you can create a professional backdrop look on your curtains.

4. String Lights Backdrop

Lighten up the room, as well as everybody’s mood, with string lights as your backdrop. Whether it’s plainly lighted or colored, it will surely leave a smile to the soon-to-be mother. Just be sure to take precautions for wires and fire hazardous materials.

5. Vinyl Backdrop

If time is not on your side but you still don’t want to break the bank for expensive decorations, a ready-made vinyl backdrop is on your side. You can purchase online from a variety of designs suited for your party theme.

Table Center Piece

Another detail to add on your table is the centerpiece. There are several ways to cut back on your expenses but still make the dining tables elegant. You can use something you already have like jars, candles, flowers or even finger food.

You can also check out these videos for baby shower centerpiece inspirations.

Baby Blocks Decor by TheTayraPerezProject
Teddy Bear Balloons by Event Answer

Diaper Cakes

Have you seen a cake that resembles a real cake but upon closer look is actually made out of diapers? Diaper cakes make a good centerpiece decoration and gift idea for expecting moms. As we all know, diapers are one of the must-have items from the first day of delivery.

Diaper cake is actually easy and fun to make. Aside from diapers, materials are commonly found in your home or a local store. You can be fancy by adding some decors according to theme or just the way you like it.

Photo Credit: The Craft Patch

Dessert Table

What is a celebration without food and desserts? All the decorations are pleasing to your eyes, but what pleases your tummy is another story. If it’s crunch time and you don’t plan ahead, you’ll end up buying store-bought goodies and spend more.

For some baby shower parties where most of the guests are common friends and family members, traditions would be to bring a dish to share.

But if you are the Martha Stewart of the party, you are most likely to do extra to make dessert tables fancy and mouth-watering. Cake pops, mallows, pretzel sticks, here are some ideas for your baby shower dessert table treats.

Cake Pops & Pretzel Sticks by Cristina in the Kitchen
Mallows and Rice Krispies by Styled by Rosario

Hanging Baby Shower Decorations

Now that we’re done decorating your table and wall, let’s shift our attention to how to accessorize your party place. You might think these are smaller details of a baby shower but you’ll never know how these little hangers bring life and color to a party after putting them up. 

Some of the easy-to-do hanging decors you can add are buntings, banners, and pompoms. You may choose the type of materials you want to use like foil for a metallic look, cardboard printouts or even crepe papers.

1. Banners

Banners or welcome signs say it all. If a computer and printer are within your reach, you can easily design a banner, print it out and hang it on a string.  There are tons of fonts and free websites where you can lay-out your banners. Make bold and clear letters for everyone to see.

2. Buntings

To give your baby shower a festive feel, buntings are on the lookout. You can put them on the wall, ceiling, or table. Traditionally, buntings are triangle in shape but you can always be an exemption. You can do cutouts like onesies, animals, flowers or whatever your baby shower theme calls for.

3. Pom Poms

What comes to your mind when you hear pom poms? A cheerleader? Fluffy yarn garland? These are all correct but what I’m talking about are crepe paper tissue pom poms. These are colorful hanging decors that look like flowers. It may require a lot of cutting but it’s all worth it. 

DIY Paper Pom Poms by Leanne Dowsett

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Celebrations are a part of life! They help us mark important milestones with the most important people in our lives. But that doesn’t you will break the bank! I hope these tips will help you enjoy your baby shower and at the same time save some money!

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  1. These are great tips for throwing a budget friendly baby shower! I am a huge fan of a balloon garland. I’ve done my own twice now and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I love how it really brings together a party. Another one that I am a huge fan of are diaper cakes. I received a few of those when I had my baby shower and it was just super cute! I love how creative someone can get with those.

    Maureen |

  2. This is a wonderful list of creative DIY and low-cost baby shower decorations. It’s amazing what you can do with inexpensive streamers, garland, and balloons! I’ve always loved seeing all the diaper cakes at baby showers as well as the adorable desserts.

  3. These are great ideas. Not everyone can afford to hire a party planner, so things need to be home-made and you have some excellent suggestions here! My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and I think I could use these ideas for a birthday celebration too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The decorations on this post look amazing! They don’t look like they are inexpensive at all.

  5. This is cute! I love using string lights as a backdrop. It definitely sets the mood. Thank you for sharing these decorating tips. Bookmarked your post for future reference.

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