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250+ Biblical Baby Boy Names from A-Z With Meanings

Choosing names for our babies has never been easy. For expectant parents, baby names should be a reflection of the child or what they hope for him/her. Biblical baby names also becomes a trend especially for Christian parents. It becomes a way to profess their faith. Here is a list of trendy baby boy names from the Bible that stood through times as well as rare and unique biblical baby boy names.

“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

– Proverbs 22:1 (NIV)


Aaron – meaning “Mountain of strength.” He was the brother of Moses and Miriam and became the first Israelite high priest.

Abel – meaning ” Breathing spirit.” He was the son of Adam and Even; murdered by his older brother Cain.

Abiel – meaning “Father of God.” He was the grandfather of King Saul.

Abiezer – meaning “Father of help.” Eldest son of Gilead, a descendant of Manasseh.

Abner – meaning “Father of light.” He was King Saul’s cousin and the commander of his army.

Abraham – meaning “Exalted father.” He was the first Hebrew patriarch.

Absalom – meaning “Leader of peace.” He was King David’s son.

Adam – meaning “Man, earth.” He was the first man in the story of Creation.

Adin – meaning “Gentle.” Chief of the clan whose sons return after years of captivity from Babylon.

Adriel – meaning “Flock of God.” The son-in-law of King Saul.

Amos – meaning “Carried by God.” One of the 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament.

Andrew – meaning “Strong man.” A disciple: one of the fishermen called by Jesus at the lake to become the “Fisher of men.”

Aquila – meaning “Eagle.” Husband of Priscilla; one of the early disciples who traveled with Apostle Paul.

Asher – meaning “Blessed.” The son of Jacob and Zilpah, and one of the founders of 12 tribes of Israel.


Balthazar– meaning “God protect the king.” One of the 3 wise men who visited Baby Jesus after he was born.

Bartholomew– meaning “Son of the farmer.” One of the 12 disciples.

Baruch– meaning “Blessed.” A friend to the prophet Jeremiah.

Benaiah – meaning “God builds.” One of King David’s warrior and commander of his bodyguard.

Benjamin– meaning “Son of the right hand.” The youngest son of Jacob.

Boaz– meaning “Swiftness.”  A wealthy man from Bethlehem who married Ruth.


Cain – meaning “Full of beauty.” First born son of Adam and Eve who killed his younger brother, Abel.

Caleb – meaning “Bold one.” One of the spies sent by Moses during the Israelites’ journey to Promised Land.

Cainan – meaning “Possessor.” Eldest son of Enos.

Cheran – The son of Dishon.

Chilion– meaning “Complete.” The son of Elimelech and Naomi.

Claudius – meaning “Uncertain.” A Roman officer who rescued Paul from persecution.

Clement – meaning “Merciful.” One of the fellow workers of Paul at Philippi.

Cosam – meaning “Most abundant.” An ancestor of Jesus in the line of Joseph.

Cush – meaning “South countries of the Israelites; black.” Son of Ham and father of Nimrod.

Cyrus – meaning “Sun.” He was a mighty King of Persia who defeated the Babylonians and helped the Israelites return to their homeland.


Dalphon– meaning “Crafty.” The second of the 10 sons of Haman who were all killed by the Jews.

Dan – meaning “He that judges.” The fifth son of Jacob, and  first-born of Bilhah.

Daniel – meaning “God is my judge.” Well known for his dreams and vision, and the hero of the Book of Daniel.

Darius – meaning “One who upholds the good.” The king of Persia who allow the Jews to reconstruct the temple.

Darkon – meaning “Scatterer.” One of the servants of Solomon who returned from Babylonian exile.

Dathan – meaning “Belonging to law.” A Reubenite who conspired against Moses and Aaron.

David – meaning “Beloved.” The shepherd who killed Goliath and later on became the king of Israel.

Demetrius – meaning “Belonging to Demeter.” Demeter was the goddess of agriculture.

Deuel – meaning “God is knowing.” He was the captain of Gad tribe during census-taking at Sinai.

Devir – meaning “Holy place”. The king of Eglon in the time of Joshua.

Dishon – meaning “Threshing.” The fifth son of Seir the Horite.


Ebenezer – meaning “Stone of help.” The place of confrontation between the Israelites and Philistines.

Eglon – meaning “Chariot.” The king of Moab who was responsible for the oppression and suffering of Israelites for 18 years.

Eker – meaning “Root.” The son of Ram.

Elam – meaning “Forever.” The son of Shem, who was the son of Noah.

Elead – meaning “God is witness.” One of the descendants of Ephraim who was killed by the men of Gath.

Eleazar – meaning “God has helped.” Aaron’s thirds son and was consecrated priest after him.

Eli – meaning “Elevated.” Belonging to the tribe of Levi, he served as judge and high priest in Israel.

Eliab – meaning “God is father.” The son of Jesse and the eldest brother of David.

Eliam – meaning “God is the founder of people.” The father of Bathsheba.

Eliezer – meaning “My God is help.” Abraham’s steward and Moses’ son.

Elijah – meaning “The Lord is my God.” The prophet who fought against worshipping Baal.

Eliasaph – meaning “God has added.” The son of Deuel and head of the tribe of Dan during census-taking in the wilderness of Sinai.

Eliel – meaning “My God is God.” The leader of the tribe of Manasseh.

Elon – meaning “Oak.” The father of Esau’s wife.

Emmanuel – meaning “God is with us.”

Enoch – meaning “Dedicated.”  The son of Cain.

Ephraim – meaning “Fruitful.” The second son of Joseph and Asenath.

Ephron – meaning “Fawn-like.” A Hittie who sold Abraham a field for four hundred shekels of silver.

Esau – meaning “Hairy.” The eldest son of Isaac and Rebekah, and the older twin brother of Jacob.

Eshton – meaning “Restful.” Son of Mehir, a Judahite.

Ethan – meaning “Strong and optimistic.” A singer- songwriter who authored Psalm 89.

Ezekiel– meaning “Strengthened by God.” A prophet who envisioned Jerusalem, its temple and kingdom restored to their former glory.

Ezri – meaning “God is a help.” Overseer of workers who tilled David’s field.


Felix – meaning “Happy.” Husband of Drusilla, a cruel Roman governor of Judea.

Festus – meaning “Joyful.” Procurator of Judea who left Paul in the prison.


Gabbai – meaning “Collector.” A Benjamite chief who consented to live in Jerusalem after Babylonian captivity.

Gabriel – meaning “God is my strength.” The angel who announced to Mary that she will bear the Son of God.

Gaddiel – meaning “Fortune of God.” One of the twelve spies sent out by Moses in Canaan.

Gahar – meaning “A hiding place.” A Nethinim leader whose descendants returned to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel.

Gaius – meaning “I am glad. A Macedonian who accompanied Paul in his travels.

Gamaliel – meaning “God is my reward.” A teacher of the law who helped the Apostles be released.

Gershom – meaning “A stranger there.” The first-born son of Moses and Zipporah.

Gether – meaning “Vale of trial.” Aram’s thirds son.

Gibbar – meaning “The hero.” The head of the family of exiles returning with Zerubbabel.

Gideon – meaning “Mighty warrior.” A judge and military leader who delivered Israel from Midian.

Gilead – meaning “Hill of testimony.” Father of Jephthah, judge of Israel.

Goliath – meaning “Giant warrior.” The giant Philistine soldier slain by David.

Gomer – meaning “Fulfillment.” One of the seven sons of Japhet.


Habakkuk – meaning “Embrace.” The eight of the minor prophets.

Hadlai – meaning “Resting.” An Ephraimite; the father of Amasa.

Hadoram – meaning “Their power.” Son of Joktan; was sent by his father to congratulate David on his victory over Hadarezer, King of Syria.

Haggia – meaning “Born of a festival day.” The tenth of the minor prophets who encourage the exiles to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem.

Haggiah – meaning “Jehovah’s feast.” A Levite descended from Merari.

Hamul – menaing “Mercy.” The younger son of Pharez, son of Judah.

Hanan – meaning “Merciful.” A son of Shashak and a Benjamite chief.

Hananiah – meaning “The compassion of God.  Ruler of the palace of Jerusalem under Nehemiah.

Hanoch – meaning “Devoted.” The eldest son of Reuben.

Hareph – meaning “Plucking of.” Son of Caleb and a chief of Judah.

Hashem – meaning “Shining.” The father of several of David’s mighty men.

Hermes – meaning “Sun.” The name of a Roman Christian.

Herod – meaning “Son of a hero.” The king of Judea who ordered the execution of children under the age of 2 in Bethlehem.

Hezekiah – meaning “My strength is God.” Became the king of Judah for 29 years.

Hiram – meaning “Noble born.” The King of Tyre , friend of David and Solomon, who helped build the Temple in Jerusalem.

Hosea – meaning “Jehovah is help.”


Ibzan – meaning “Splendid.” One of the judges of Israel.

Ichabod – meaning “Where is glory?” Son of Phinehas and grandson of Eli.

Ira – meaning “Swiftness.” One of King David’s soldiers.

Isaac – meaning “Laughing one.” God’s promised son to Abraham and Sarah despite their old age. Father of Esau and Jacob.

Isaiah – meaning “God is salvation.” One of the major prophets.

Ishmael – meaning “God hears.” Abraham’s first-born son by Hagar.

Ishod – meaning “Man of glory.”  Son of Hammoleketh, of the tribe of Manasseh.

Israel – meaning “God contends.” It was the name give to Jacob after he wrestled with God.

Ithamar – meaning “Palm tree.” Fourth and youngest son of Aaron.

Izhar – meaning “One who sparkles.” Son of Kohath and grandson of Levi.


Jaakobah – meaning “Held by the heel.” A Simeonite prince.

Jasiel – meaning “God is maker.” One of David’s mighty men.

Jabal – meaning “Lead.” Son of the Canaanite, Lamech, by his wife Adah, a herdsman.

Jabez – meaning “He makes sorrowful.” His birth gave his mother much pain, so he was named such; an ancestor of the Kings of Judah.

Jacob – meaning “Supplanter.” The second son of Isaac and Rebekah, and the twin brother of Esau. He fathered the 12 tribes.

Jada – meaning “Wise.” A son of Onam.

Jaddua – meaning “Knowledge.” A levite who returned from the Babylonian exile.

Jadon – meaning “Whom God has judged.” One of the builders of the wall of Jerusalem.

Jahaziel – meaning “God sees.” A Benjamite who joined David’s ally.

Jahdiel – meaning “Whom Jehovah makes joyful.” A chieftain of Manasseh on the east of Jordan.

Jahzeel – meaning “Whom God allots.” First-born son of Naphtali; founder of Jahzeelites tribe.

Jair – meaning “To enlighten.” Son of Manasseh.

Jairus – meaning “He will enlighten. A father whose daughter was raised from the dead by Jesus.

James – meaning “Supplanter.” Son of Zebedee and the elder brother of John; one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

Japhet – meaning “Enlargement.” One of the three sons of Noah.

Jared – meaning “He that descends.” The son of Mahalalel and the father of Enoch.

Jason – meaning “He that cares.” A Jewish convert and gave refuge to Paul in Thessalonica.

Javan – meaning “Greek.” The fourth son of Japhet, Noah’s son.

Jazeel – meaning “God apportions.” Son of Naphtali.

Jedidiah – meaning “Beloved of the Lord.” The name given to King Solomon by God through prophet Nathan.

Jehoash / Joash– meaning “Jehovah-given.” Eight king of Judah at the age of seven and reigned in Jerusalem for forty years.

Jehoshaphat – meaning “God judges.” The son of Asa, the King of Judah, to Azubah who succeeded his father.

Jeiel – meaning “God snatches away.” A chieftain in the tribe of Rueben.

Jerahmeel – meaning “Mercy of God.”  A son of Hezron and the great grandson of Judah.

Jeremiah – meaning “God will raise up.” One of the greatest and most famous men and prophet in the Old Testament.

Jeriel – meaning “Foundation of God.” A member of the tribe of Issachar.

Jeshua / Joshua – meaning “Yahweh is salvation.” Succeeded Moses and led the Hebrews in the land of Israel.

Jesse – meaning “Gift.” The father of King David.

Jesus – meaning “The Lord saves.” The Man Christ Jesus.

Jether – meaning “Abundance.” The father-in-law of Moses.

Jezreel – meaning “God sows.” The son of the prophet Hosea.

Joab – meaning “Jehovah is a father.” King David’s nephew and one of his generals.

Job – meaning “He who turns to God.” A righteous man who was tested by God.

Joel – meaning “God is willing.” One of the minor prophets during the days of Uzziah, king of Judah.

John – meaning “Graced by God.” Son of Zebedee and Salome; the Beloved apostle.

Jonah – meaning “Dove.” The prophet who ran away from God when he was sent to Nineveh.

Jonathan – meaning “God has given.” Oldest son of King Saul.

Joram – meaning “God is high.”  A Levite, descendant of Eliezer the son of Moses.

Joseph – meaning “May God increase.” The son of Jacob and Rachel; known as the Righteous One.

Josiah – meaning “God has protected. Became the King of Judah at the age of 8.

Jozachar– meaning “God remembers.” One of the 2 servants who murdered Jehoash, king of Judah.

Jubal – meaning “Trumpet.” Son of Lamech and Adah; the inventor of musical instruments.

Judah – meaning “Praise.” The fourth son of Jacob and Leah.

Jude – meaning “Praise.” The brother of James; the half-brother of Jesus.

Julius -meaning “Soft-haired.” A centurion who protected Paul against the enemies.

Justus – meaning “The Righteous.” A godly man of Corinth who welcomed Paul.


Kadmiel – meaning “Before God.” One of the Levites who returned to Judah from the Babylonian captivity.

Kallai – meaning “Light.” A priest in the time of Joiakim.

Kemuel – meaning “God stands.” Nephew of Abraham.

Kenan – meaning “Possession.” Son of Enoch, and a great-grandson of Adam.

Keros – meaning “Bent.” One of the servants whose descendants returned from exile with Zerubbabel.

Kore – meaning “Partridge.” A Levite and a tabernacle keeper of the Korahites.


Laban – meaning “White.” Rebecca’s brother and the father of matriarchs Rachel and Leah.

Lael – meaning “Devoted to God.” A Gershonite.

Laish – meaning “Lion.” A man from Gallim.

Lamech – meaning “Overthrower.” Son of Methusael; descendant of Cain.

Lazarus – meaning “God has given help.” Brother of Martha and Mary, raised from the dead by Jesus.

Lemuel – meaning “Who belongs to God.” Another name given to Solomon.

Levi – meaning “Joined.” Third son of Jacob to Leah. His descendants became the Levites.

Lucius – meaning “Light.” A kinsman of Paul.

Luke – meaning “Light-giving.” The “beloved physician” and one of the 12 apostles of Christ.


Machi – meaning “Decrease.” A Gadite, father of Geuel; one of the 12 spies sent by Moses.

Machir – meaning “Goods.” Son of Manasseh and grandson of Jacob.

Magdiel – meaning “Honor of God.” One of the dukes of Edom, descendants of Esau.

Magus – meaning “Magician.” Known as Simon Magus or Simon the Magician.

Malachi – meaning “Messenger.” The last of the prophets.

Malkam– meaning “God is their King.” A Benjamite, son of Shaharaim.

Malachiel– meaning “God is my King.” Grandson of Asher.

Malchus – meaning “Counselor.” The high priest whose ear was cut off by Peter when Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane.

Mark – meaning “Hammer.” One of the Apostles.

Mattaniah – meaning “Gift of God.” A brother of Jehoiakim.

Matthew – meaning “Gift of Yahweh.” One of the Apostles of Christ.

Matthias – meaning “Gift of God.” A disciple chosen to take the place of Judas Iscariot.

Meshach – meaning “Agile.” The name given to Mishael, one of David’s friends.

Micah – meanng “Who is like God?” One of the twelve minor prophets who prophesized during the reign of kings Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah of Judah.

Mishael – meaning “Who is like God?” One of the sons of Uzziel, the uncle of of Moses and Aaron.

Moses – meaning “Draw him out of water.” The prophet who drew out Israelites from slavery and led them to the edge of promised land.


Naaman – meaning “Pleasant.” A Syrian captain in the army of Aram who was cured of leprosy by prophet Elisha.

Naphtali – meaning “My Wrestling.” Sixth son of Jacob by Bilhah, the handmaiden of Jacob’s wife Rachel.

Nathan – meaning “God has given.” One of the minor prophets anointed by Solomon.

Nathaniel – meaning “God has given.” A native of Cana in Galilee.

Nehemiah– meaning “Comforted of the Lord.”  A governor of Judea who helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Nemuel – meaning “Day of God.”  A Reubenite, son of Eliab and brother of Dathan and Abiram.

Nereus – meaning “Lamp.” The Roman Christian to whom Paul sent a greeting.

Neri – meaning “To shine.” An ancestor of Christ, son of Melchi and Father of Salathiel.

Nicanor – meaning “Conqueror.” One of the seven assistants to the disciples of Jesus.

Nicholas – meaning “Victory of the people. A follower of Jesus from Antioch.

Nicodemus – meaning “Victory of the people.” A Pharisee and a member of Sanhedrin.

Noah– meaning “Rest.” A righteous man chosen by God to build an ark and survive the great flood.


Obadiah – meaning “Servant of Yahweh.” One of the 12 minor prophets.

Omar – meaning “He that speaks.” Son of Eliphaz and grandson of Esau.

Onesimus – meaning “Useful.” A slave of Philemon who ran away and became a Christian through Paul.

Ophir – meaning “Gold.” Son of Joktan, descendant of Shem.

Ornan – meaning “Rejoice.” A Jebusite who sold King David a floor of Mount Moriah which used as a site for God’s assembly.

Orrin – meaning “Cedar.” A descendant of Judah.

Ozias – meaning “Strength of the Lord.” An ancestor of Christ.


Pallu – meaning “Distinguished.” The second son of Reuben, father of Eliab.

Paltiel – meaning “Deliverance of God.” Second husband of Michal, the daughter of Saul.

Paruah – meaning “Blooming.” Father of Jehoshaphat, a commissary officer of Solomon.

Paul – meaning “Small.” One of the great Christian leaders who spread the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Penuel – meaning “Face of God.” A Clan leader within the tribe of Judah.

Perez – meaning “Breach.” Ancestor of King David and of Jesus Christ.

Peter – meaning “Rock.” One of the 12 Apostles; the brother of Andrew and the son of Jona.

Philemon – meaning “Beloved.” A wealthy Christian in Colossea whom Paul addressed his letter.

Philip – meaning “Lover of horses.” One of the 12 Apostles, a Bethsaida native.

Phineas / Phinehas – meaning “Face of trust.” Son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron the High Priest.


Raddai – meaning “Beating down.” The fifth son of Jesse, father of David.

Raham – meaning “Compassion.” A descendant of Judah.

Ram – meaning “Exalted.” A Judaite, son of Ezron and ancestor of David.

Ramiah – meaning “God is exalted.” Son of Parosh who married a foreign wife.

Rei – meaning “Friendly.” An Israelite who maintained loyalty to King David when Adonijah rebelled.

Rephael – meaning “God has healed.” Son of Shemaiah and a member of a family of temple gatekeepers.

Reuben – meaning “Behold, a son.” First born son of Jacob and Leah: the forefather of one of the tribes of Israel – the tribe of Reuben.

Reuel – meaning “Friend of God.” A son of Esau by Bashemath.

Rezin – meaning “Good will.” The last king of Damascus in the days of Jonathan, king of Judah.

Rosh – meaning “A chief.” A son of Benjamin who went down to Egypt with Jacob and sons.

Rufus – meaning “Red.” The son of Simon the Cyrenian who was compelled by the Roman soldiers to carry the Cross.


Sadoc – meaning “Righteous.” Son of Agor and an ancestor of Jesus.

Samson – meaning “Bright sun.” An Israelite warrior and judge known for his great strength.

Samuel – meaning “God has heard.” The son of Hannah, a prophet and a judge who anointed King Saul as first king of Israel.

Saruch – meaning “Branch.” An ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Saul – meaning “Prayed for.” The first king of Israel.

Seir – meaning “Rough.” Ancestor of the Horites.

Seth – meaning “Appointed.” Third son of Adam and Eve, born after Abel’s death.

Shadrach – meaning “Tender.” One of the three men thrown into the fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar for refusing to worship his image.

Shalman – meaning “Peace.” An Assyrian king.

Shamgar – meaning “Cupbearer. The son of Anath and the third judge of Israel after the death of Joshua.

Shamir – meaning “A sharp thorn.” One of the sons of Micah.

Shem – meaning “Name.” Eldest son of Noah.

Silas – meaning “Lover of words.” A leader in the early church and companion of Paul.

Simeon – meaning “To hear.” The second son of Jacob and Leah.

Solomon – meaning “Peace.” An Israelite king who built the first Temple in Jerusalem and was known for his wisdom.

Stephen – meaning “Crown.” On of the 7 assistants to the disciples.


Tabor – a battle site between Barak’s Israelite army and King of Hazor, Jabin’s, Canaanite army.

Tahan – meaning “Inclined.” A descendant of Ephraim.

Talmai – meaning “Abounding in furrows.” A king of Geshur, whose daughter Maacah was one of David’s wives.

Telem – meaning “Oppression.” A temple gatekeeper who divorced his wife after returning from exile.

Tertius – meaning “Third.” Paul’s secretary.

Thaddeus – meaning “Gift of God.” One of the 12 Apostles.

Theophilus – meaning “Love by God.” A Christian to whom Luke addressed his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.

Thomas – meaning “Twin.” One of the 12 Apostles.

Tiberius – meaning “Son of Tiber.” Son of Augustus and the third emperor of Rome.

Tilon – meaning “Small mound.” A descendant of Judah.

Timothy – meaning “Honoring God.” A young disciple and companion of Paul in his journey.

Titus – meaning “Pleasing.” Church leader and companion of Paul.

Tobiah – meaning “God is good.” An Ammonite who hindered Nehemiah’s effort to rebuild the wall.


Uri – meaning “My light.” Father of Bezalel, the artist.

Uriah – meaning “God is my light.” An elite soldier in David’s army and the husband of Bathsheba.

Uriel – meaning “Light of God.” A Levite of the family of Kohath.

Uzziel – meaning “God is my strength.” Son of Kohath and grandson of Levi.


Vashni – meaning “God is strong.” First-born son of prophet Samuel.


Zacchaeus – meaning “Innocent.” A wealthy, chief tax collector in Jerusalem who became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Zacchur – meaning “Mindful.” A Simeonite; son of Hamuel and father of Shimei.

Zacharias – meaning “God has remembered.” Father of John the Baptist.

Zacher – meaning “Memorial.” One of the sons of Jehiel; the founder of Gibeon.

Zanoah– A town in Judah.

Zavad – meaning “Gift.” A soldier from David’s army.

Zephaniah – meaning “God has treasured.” A prophet who belonged to the family of Judah.

Zerach – meaning “Light.” The son of Judah and Tamar.

Zereth – meaning “Brightness.” A Descendant of Judah.

Zeri – meaning “Built.” Son of Jeduthunn and a musician during in the court of David.

Zetham – meaning “Olive.” A Gershonite.

Zimran – meaning “Celebrated.” The son of Abraham by Keturah.

Ziph – meaning “Battlement.” A city in the mountains of Judah.

Zohar – meaning “Radiance.” One of the sons of Simeon.

Zuriel – meaning “God is my rock.” Head of a Merari family clan.

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