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Free Printable Back to School Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

First day of school can be an overwhelming experience of joy or anxiety for first-time and even returning preschoolers. Let’s create an environment of fun, learning and excitement with these free printable back to school coloring pages to kick off the first day of school.

To download these Back to School coloring pages, just click the download button, save them to your device and they are ready for printing. 

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Free Back To School Coloring Pages

Teachers and school staff worked hard to prepare for the first big day of school. Help the kids feel home and welcome by walking them to their tables, doing ice breakers, singing songs and coloring back to school pages.

Printable “Are you ready?” Coloring Pages

Kick off the first day of school and let the kids rock out as they meet-and-greet old and new friends. Ask them to get ready for a school year of learning and surprises with this “Are you ready?” coloring pages.

First Day of School Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

As soon as the school bell rings for the first time, school year officially begins. Welcome the students with a big smile and make memories to take home.

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Surely, it’s going to be a busy first day of school for teachers, parents and kids. It can probably be as chaotic as it can be. But remember, all’s well that ends well.

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