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7 Easy Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

Christmas décor storage may sound like a hectic job, but with these creative ideas, it will become a piece of cake.

Christmas is just around the corner, and you must have put your creative hat on. After all, we all want our house to give the most festive look on the block with unique décor elements. Well, it is all fun until Christmas is over, and all we are left with are piles of décor items.

Don’t worry!

Here are seven highly effective and easy Christmas décor storage ideas:

Christmas Tree Storage

Taking down the Christmas tree and storing it for the next season is no doubt the biggest task. There are a few very simple ways to store the tree without damaging it.

  • Whether you are storing it put together or in parts, you can put it in a big storage bag. Secure the branches with old belts before putting the tree in the bag, and you are good to go.
  • Secure the tree with old belts and wrap the entire tree in cling film. Simple, right?
  • Break the tree into smaller parts and store each in concrete form tubes. You can either wrap the branches in cling film or secure them with belts before sliding them into the tubes. Mark each tube with a layer number, so you know which part is where.

Christmas Ornament Storage

It is so much fun to put up Christmas ornaments, but taking them down and storing them for the next season can be tricky. Here is how you can store your precious ornaments without going the extra mile.

  • Use egg cartons to store small and fragile ornaments.
  • Keep original ornament boxes and put them back in their original boxes.
  • Use ornament storage bags. You can put cardboard on the sides for an extra protective layer.

Christmas Wreath Storage

Making Christmas wreaths from scratch is a fun DIY activity, but it is always good to re-purpose wreaths from the last year. However, to do so, you need them to be in perfect shape and condition. Here is how you can store Christmas wreaths:

  • Hang the wreaths on hangers. You can use an old clothing rack for hanging your wreaths safely.
  • Keep your wreath in perfect shape and store them in a durable wreath bag.

Christmas Lights Storage

Storing your Christmas décor for next season is not only cost-effective; it saves you a lot of time. Christmas lights usually get tangled, and the wires break while trying to untangle them. Here are some quick and easy ways to store Christmas lights.

  • Wrap lights around a coat hanger and cover it with cling film.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around paper towel tubes, cover them with cling film and store them in shoe boxes.
  • Cut the edges of the lid of the shoe box and wrap the lights around the lid. You can use several lids to wrap different strings of lights and store them in shoe boxes.
  • Use this carboard wrap and store them in a bag.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage

Storing wrapping paper is the most difficult task, isn’t it? But using leftover wrapping paper for next year is not only convenient, it will also save you couple dollars more. Here is how you can put away wrapping sheets to stay them usable during the next season.

  • Roll the leftover wrapping papers and put them in storage bag.
  • Store the leftover wrapping paper rolls in hanging organizers.
  • Store wrapping paper rolls in concrete form tubes.
  • If concrete form tube is not available, toilet paper tube is the cheapest way to store your gift wraps.

Storing Garland Strings

Strings of beads are great for decorating the Christmas tree but putting them down and storing them can be frustrating. Usually, strings of beads get tangled, and you end up throwing them away. Don’t fret. Here is how you can store strings of beads for the next holiday season.

  • Use plastic water bottles to store beaded garland. Slide the strings in the bottle or wrap them around the bottle then secure with a cling wrap.
  • Empty tennis ball containers can also be used to safely store strings of beads.
  • Wrap them around a cord organizer.

Christmas Décor Storage by Room

Take big storage containers with lids and label them with room names. Put each room’s décor in a separate box. These containers are easier to manage and reach and great for storing all kinds of Christmas décor.

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I hope these Christmas décor storage ideas will make life much easier for you and you will have fun taking out your Christmas décor next year in perfect shape and condition.

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