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14 Favorite Movie Themes That Make Trending Parties

Shine like a Hollywood star with these 14 all-time favorite movie themes for social media-worthy, trending parties.

Planning for a party is a daunting task. From sending out the invitation to putting up the decorations, you need systematic preparation to carry out your plan well. Let’s get that checklist done. Here are 14 movie themes to bring out the best in your party.

The Best Movie-Inspired Themes For Parties

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Glitz and Glam Movies

Movie title/s: The Great Gatsby

Dress like a star and put your glam on. The Great Gatsby makes a good theme party if you’re up for champagne and jazzy music. Put up some gold, black or silver decor elements to get the Gatsby vibe. Beads and feathers add to the luxurious feel too.

Broadway Movies

Movie title/s: Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Chicago

If Hollywood and theatrical performances are always in your radar, then the Broadway party theme fits you well. Be ready for live music, song and dance performances, and drama.

Detective Movies

Movie title/s: Sherlock Holmes

Would you like to solve a mystery? Does finding clues appeal to you? Get your spyglass because detective party ideas will keep you on your feet. 

Star Wars Movies

Movie title/s: Star Wars Series

Our universe still remains a big mystery. No matter how advanced technology gets, there are still secrets yet to be uncovered. How about exploring the galaxies with fictional characters and stories like Star Wars? Besides, young and old are hooked with characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader to name a few. You think any of these characters doesn’t fit you, stormtrooper got your back. May the force be with you.

60’s Movies

Movie title/s: Grease, Hairspray

Be ready with your hair spray and get your grooves. Whether you want to be a hippie, chic, or  rock star, the 60’s genre is for everybody. Another thing to love about the 1960’s is that its fashion and music never gets old.

Western / Cowboy Movies

Movie title/s: Django, The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Yeehaw! Get your checklist done. Cowboy boots, hats and bandanas are on for this Wild West theme party idea. How about barbecue, hay bale and horse rides to complete the Western look? 

Circus Movies

Movie title/s: The Greatest Showman, Big Fish, Water for Elephants

One of the best things about attending parties is entertainment. When I say entertainment, we’re not just talking about clowns but total performances like in a carnival. Prepare for your breath to be taken away with out-of-this-world shows, spectacular designs, popcorns and cotton candies.

Casino Royale 

Movie title/s: James Bond Film Series

Take that tux out of the closet and get ready to party in style with James Bond party ideas. Set the tables with champagnes and cocktails, casino games and cards.

Superhero Movies

Movie title/s: All MCU and DC Studios movies

Superhero themed parties are always in. With over a hundred MCU and DC superhero characters, guests won’t be having a hard time choosing whom to dress up like. 

Adventure Movies

Movie title/s: Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Jumanji

Another party idea to celebrate your next occasion is an adventure inspired theme. Go outdoors, set up trails and maze. You can also prepare treasure hunting activities to add mystery.

Spy Movies

Movie title/s: Mission Impossible, Kingsman

Keep everyone on their toes and prepare for an undercover mission in a Spy themed party . Be in a disguise while solving the cases together.

British Period Movies 

Movie title/s: Pride and Prejudice, Bridgerton

Travel back in time when royalties and corsets were in. Celebrate with Your Highness and carry out the official royal duty for maximum entertainment and elegance.

Beach / Luau Movies

Movie title/s: Mama Mia, Baywatch

If water and summer are your thing, then a beach themed party is right where you belong. Make lei necklace for everyone. Cool off with some cocktails and punch. And don’t forget the floral outfits to feel that beach vibe.


Movie title/s: Phantom of the Opera, Zorro

Celebrate glam, mystery and sophistication all-in one in a masquerade themed party. Be sure to put on the masks, enjoy the music and keep the dance floor busy.

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