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Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of all Ages

There are so many ways to celebrate birthdays, but nothing beats a good day out with friends and family. Here are some awesome outdoor party ideas for your kid’s next birthday party.

Planning a new and unique birthday theme every year can be challenging. To put icing on a cake, the birthday should to be fun and memorable as well. What could be better than taking the celebrations outdoors where kids can be playful and messy at the same time? So, I have gathered seven outdoor birthday party ideas kids will enjoy.

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7 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Enjoy

1- Outdoor Treasure Hunt Birthday Party

Kids are curious and love to explore. This unisex birthday party will be loved by kids of all ages. You can arrange this party in your back or front yard and even in the nearby park. Instead of giving away goodie bags, hide gift items throughout the yard. The kids will love exploring and finding little treasures. You can also arrange a scavenger hunt activity. Print a list of items (a rock, different leaves, pine cones, a bug, flowers, etc.) and give the list to each child. The first to complete the list wins.

2- Outdoor Stargazing Birthday Party

Stargazing is another fun activity for kids of all ages. Children will not only have fun, but they will also learn a lot of new things. Since it is about looking at the stars, the party needs to start a little late in the evening. You can use inflated pools and fill them up with blankets and pillows. Set up a telescope for the kids to see the star up close and identify star constellations. 

3- Outdoor Camping Birthday Party 

Birthdays should always be planned around your child’s favorite theme. However, there are certain themes that kid can’t say no to. Camping is one of the activities that every child loves. An outdoor camping-themed birthday party is another fun idea to engage not only the kids but the adults as well. All you need is to set up a few camps, bonfires, and s’mores, and you are good to go.

4- Outdoor Paint Party

Most parents dread indoor paint-themed parties because of the mess. Why not take this exciting party outdoors? A few easels, paintbrushes, and paints, and let the kids put their creative hats on. Face painting, card making, stone painting, and clay pot painting make fun activities for children of all ages. The outdoor paint party is fun to plan and execute, and cleaning the mess is convenient. 

5- Ninja Warrior Party

Another fun-filled and thrilling outdoor birthday party idea is to arrange a ninja warrior party. Children love physical activities, and the best way to entertain them at the birthday party is by setting up some obstacles in the backyard. 

You can use pallets, tires, and ropes to create different kinds of obstacles. Set up age-appropriate courses. You can create slack lines, log roll balance, army crawl, cliffhangers, and toadstools to create difficulty levels and variety in the obstacles.

6- Water War Birthday Party

Although there are several themes to follow for summer birthdays, children will love any theme that involves water. Water war birthday party is perfect for hot summers and is very easy to pull together. All you need is water guns, water sprayers, and water-filled balloons and let kids have the time of their lives.  

7- Picnic Themed Birthday Party

Children love to play outside and outdoor birthday parties are a great way to get out and have some fun in the open air. You can either go to the park to celebrate picnic themed birthday party or arrange a picnic in your backyard. Set a picnic table, lay out some blankets and put cushions, make sandwiches, and set up an ice cream stand. Let kids run around, chase butterflies, and spend quality time with their friends.

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Outdoor birthday parties are not only fun, they offer an amazing opportunity to come in contact with nature and harness its countless benefits. Plan one of these outdoor birthday parties and make pleasant memories.     

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