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Personalized Gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day

Motherhood is hard work. Let’s cheer your moms up on Mother’s day with these special personalized gifts for mom and mom’s-to-be.

One person who can be easily pleased when it comes to gifts is no other than our dearest mum. A tight hug, a handmade card, a bouquet made with flowers picked from the backyard; the littlest things can make a mom go teary-eyed with joy. 

However, this one person needs a little more than hugs and kisses on important life occasions. Be it is her birthday, Mother’s day, or anniversary; surprise her with one of these especially designed personalized gifts for mom and make her day extra special.

Special Personalized Gifts for Mom and Mom-to-be on Mother’s Day

Photo Mug

Coffee is called mommy fuel, and for the right reasons, it helps feel energized, you feel more awake and less tired. What is better than buying her a gift that ticks all the boxes? Help your mother kick start her day with a beaming hot mug of coffee designed especially for her. This mug will surely become her favorite. Don’t believe? Try it. 

Photo Frame

We all have that one wall in our home where our mother has put up all the photos starting up from her marriage to having us as babies, our birthdays and graduation to our marriage, and pictures of grandchildren. Why not give her something that goes on the wall and reminds her of you? Gift Works Plus has a great collection of photo frames that you can give your mother on her special day. The best thing is you can get a personal message engraved on the wooden frame.


She has time for everyone but not for herself; that is what being a mom means. Let’s find a way to engage her in something that not only helps her have some time away from her responsibilities but improves her mental health as well. Puzzles are great for improving concentration and focus. Buy a personalized photo puzzle (yes, you can get any photo printed on the puzzle) and help your mom spend some quality time with herself.

Sterling Silver Plated Locket Necklace

Name a woman who doesn’t love jewelry. Instead of buying your mom a vacuum cleaner reminding her of her motherly responsibilities, buy a necklace that reminds her of you. This personalized gift for mom comes in 3 types (family, love, heart) with space for a photo (yes, the necklace can be personalized with a beautiful memory captured in the form of a picture), and it comes with a gift box. So, don’t wait and order one for your mom right away!

Photo Coasters

Buying a gift is easy; buying a gift that makes a difference is difficult. Today you can buy anything online in just a few clicks. However, if you are shopping for your mom, you need something as unique as your relationship with her. Photo coasters can be personalized by adding your names or a special message to melt her heart.

Photo Pillow

Princess Diana said, “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” Every one of us finds solace in the mother’s hug. Even as adults, a mom’s hug can do wonders when you are sad or hurt. We hug pillows to find the same comfort that we find in mom’s hug. So, don’t sit back and wait. Get up and order your pillow right away!

Story Book

We all cherish the time when our mothers put us to bed with a bedtime story, especially if it’s personalized storybooks. Although this gift targets moms of young children, I found it so interesting that I had to share it in my list of personalized gifts for moms. Wonderbly customizes books for three age groups (0-3, 3-6, and 6+). I Love Mommy this much is a great way to let your mommy know how much she is loved. The story will surely melt the mommy’s heart with her and her beloved children’s names featured in this brightly printed book.

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Tote Bag

Whether it is grocery shopping or carrying its and bits during travelling, tote bags come in handy. How about surprising your mum with a customized tote bag this Mother’s day? offers customization of tote bags in 3 different sizes. This tote bag is made with soft polyester fabric and has handles made with cotton webbing. You can either get your photo, personal artwork, or anything in the world printed on the bag for a unique personalized touch.

Water Bottle

Still thinking about what to buy for your dear mum this Mother’s Day? Buy one of these ah-mazing customized water bottles by A gift that is a mixture of love and care, this personalized water bottle will keep your mom hydrated. You can get a photo, favorite quote, personal artwork, or illustration printed on the water bottle to make it a one-of-a-kind gift for the most special person on the earth; your mom.


Premium Photo Cards

Love your mom? Tell her plain and simple; she needs to hear it from you. This Mother’s Day, let’s revive the age-old tradition of giving cards on special occasions.  

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, up your gifting game with one of these amazing personalized gifts for mom.        

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19 thoughts on “Personalized Gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day

  1. These are great gift ideas and I already found something to give for my mom, sisters, and friends. Thank you!

  2. I have a few of these photo gifts myself. This year I would love one of the water bottles! What a great and easy way to see my beautiful family each day while on the go.

  3. Incidentally, I have a few friends who are moms-to-be soon. The personalized coasters are my favorite because I was actually looking at coasters as gifts in the coming holidays.

  4. I absolutely adore personalized gifts! My husband has made me so many variations of personalized gifts and I just am obsessed

  5. Love the locket idea. My mother actually gave me a locket many years ago. With it, I hold a picture of my mother and father close to my heart xox

  6. I love these personal touches. My husband convinced me to get his mom a medical alert for mother’s day, but that’s not exactly heartwarming! It’s a pretty nice one (, but I want to get her a more emotional gift. These are awesome – especially that mug!

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