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The Day I Packed My Cleaners Away

Our home is our safe haven. When the world threatens us, we find security within the walls of our homes. But within that security wall are products that harm our wellness. From cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, lotions and a lot more, these products are full of synthetic chemicals that are potentially hazardous and can cause long-term effects to our body.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only less than 1% of the 40,000 chemicals used on consumer products in the US is tested for human safety.

I am as guilty as any other mother who use synthetic chemicals in the household. From my head down to my toe, ceiling to flooring, there are chemicals everywhere.

My family’s health is one of my priorities. I make sure that what I feed them is healthy and balanced. But being healthy is not just about the food that we eat. We also maintain cleanliness and germ-free living which makes me use chemical products.

On the other hand, some of these products, despite their cleansing action, can make me sick. Would you believe that I am wearing a mask when I clean the bathrooms? And when I take pain relievers for my migraine, they can give me heartburn. 

I need to make these two endpoints meet: health and cleanliness. My solution is to find natural products that are safe for all members of the family. This is where my journey to essential oils began. 

Essential oils extracted from plants through steam distillation, cold pressing or resin tapping. These oils are highly concentrated that few drops plus carrier oil can do wonderful works. Before, essential oils are mainly associated with aromatherapy, but since they have natural antibacterial properties, they are also used now for cleaning.

One of the major essential oil companies is Young Living. The company is commited to provide only high quality products safe to use for the family. Yes essential oils are heavy on the pocket but their uses outweigh the price. I fell in love the first time I opened my kit. There were 12 oils, thieves blend spray, sanitizer sachets, ningxia sachets, diffuser and informational materials included in the kit.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the blends and recipes. There’s a lot that I would love to try. I read on and get tips from my support group how to use them.

Sleeping aid, deodorizer mood booster, and soother are, by far, the some uses of essential oils in our home. I know there are a lot more and I would love to discover them.

For cleaning, I am using Thieves Household Cleaner, it is an all-in-one all purpose concentrated cleaner safe to use around everyone in the family. I will be sharing my top THC recipes on a separate blogpost.

Of course, using these oils have its pros and cons. Many are not believers and contest their uses. I respect it and won’t further argue.  I am also taking precautions on which of these oils are safe to use for kids. That is why it is important for me to read the label, research, and use only the purest and authentic essential oils.

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