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Fun Water Toys To Do Outdoor For Toddlers

Get your toddlers ready with these fun outdoor water toys and activities that will make their summer to remember.

When the weather turns sunny and bright, it only means one thing! Time to put on your swimsuit and sunscreen!!! 

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Sink or Float 

Let your toddler explore the world of science by identifying which object sinks or floats.  Make your child decide which toys he wants to experiment with. Just be sure they can get wet.  Before putting it in the water, make him guess if it sinks or floats.  He may not be able to understand the science of density, but he will surely love seeing his toy drop in the water.  Just let him get wet too after.

Car Wash Play Set

Toddler and kids will surely love the splish splash of Hot Wheels cars especially when they do change in colors.  Make their hands busy, manually operating the elevator, dunk the cars in a whirlpool chamber while escaping the gator’s jaw. 

​Water Drawing Mat

Are you tired of cleaning your toddler’s shirt or floor  after painting?  Worry no more with the water drawing mat.  No paint needed, no more mess.  Just fill the pen with clean water and your toddler can draw on the mat.  Let the mat hang dry then you can use it all over again.

Bubble Mower

Encourage your toddler for a pretend garden play with bubbles and mower .  These outdoor water toys for toddlers are perfect for summer garden fun activity or a walk in your neighborhood.

Instant Water Balloons

Toddlers will love to squeeze, splash, pop and throw these water balloons.  Because of its rapid-fill technology and self-sealing capability, you can fill and make hundreds of balloons in minutes without tiring your hand.

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Water Sprinkler

Make your own water park at home while watering your lawn.  Not only does it have a colorful design, this turtle spray sprinkler spins and splashes water perfect for summer and outdoor water toys for toddlers.  

Waterfall Wall

Encourage kids’ motor and physical skills, and creativity with this waterfall wall.  Let the kids pour water on top of the top tray to start the water maze.  Each maze piece can be removed to create different sets of fun and exploring water fall patterns.

Inflatable Splash Pad

Take a plunge and enjoy a splish splash water fun play with your toddler using this inflatable pool. Designed safely for baby and toddler, this pool has a learning mat as base so your kids will experience learning while having fun.

Car Wash Water Table

Who says washing a car is an adult job? Well get your toddlers ready to get wet with this car wash  water table. The front and back basis are perfect for a shared play. Encourage kids to practice motor skills and pretend play.

Other Water Table Options

Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Water slides, sprinkler, ball roller, pool, ring toss, it is a name-all water activity inflatable pool.  No need to go to a water park for your busy todds, you can turn your backyard into a magical fun water playground.

Other Inflatable Water Slide Options

Foam Water Blaster

Lightweight and easy to use water pistol, this water blaster will make your toddlers busy. It includes 6 squirters perfect for sharing for the whole family.

Have a fun-filled and safe summer with these outdoor water toys for toddlers!

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