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8 Extracurricular Activities For Extroverted Kids

Keeping up with extroverted kids is demanding. Here are 8 extracurricular activities to keep your extroverted kids on top of their game even beyond regular school hours.

My first born, Malcolm, is a social butterfly. He enjoys being surrounded with people and engages in no time. He gets bored when stuck at home. While reading, drawing and watching tv consumes his indoor time, he would still definitely devote a schedule to playing outdoors with his friends.

Extroverted kids are very energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, risk-takers, spontaneous, and social. They can thrive in outdoor and physical activities even after school. Hence, extracurricular activities are essential for their overall growth and development.  

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Kids  

Children spend most of their daytime in the school. Likely, a big chunk of their schedule after school goes to using gadgets. Cutting down on screen time is not impossible. There are a range of extracurricular activities to do to put their gadgets down. Here are some benefits of extracurricular activities for children.

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Doing activities outside the school helps build confidence and self-esteem in children. They can learn what they want to learn and will show visible progress. Children build confidence when they achieve a goal and it helps them reach greater success in life.

Boosts Creativity

School is a controlled environment and so is the home. Parents set rules to manage the household well. Extracurricular activities encourage creativity. Children are allowed to draw outside the lines. They can be themselves and do whatever they want. An open environment allows them to express themselves openly. 


Although school is a great place to socialize, extracurricular activities allow children to meet like-minded kids. If your child likes to play football, he will love to be around kids who play football. Similarly an art loving kid will feel more happy around kids who are artists. Similar interests encourage children to connect and be more comfortable in each other’s company.

Time Management

Extracurricular activities teach one of the most important life skills they will need; time management. When children engage in different activities, they learn to manage their time. Finishing one activity on time so they can start the next one requires following a set time table. 

Productive Break from Studies

Although most children get a break from studies in the form of watching TV and tablets, these are not considered productive. Extracurricular activities offer healthier and productive alternatives. Whether the activities are in groups or it’s just your child spending some quality time in the open, it will show in his overall growth at all levels.

8 Extracurricular Activities for Extroverted Kids

Boys of all ages love outdoor activities. When we say extroverted we mean boys who are more social, outgoing, enthusiastic, and energetic. Extrovert boys like to take risks, engage in extensive physical activities, and have a bigger circle of friends. They are always eager to go outside and do something fun. Here are 8 extracurricular activities for kids that your extroverted boy will love. 

DIY Obstacle Course

Do you ever watch American Ninja Warriors? It’s an elaborate obstacle course that requires a lot of body strength and agility to complete. Our son Malcolm loves this show! Whenever he goes through the monkey bars at the playground near our home, he imagines himself competing in this show. You can take your child to a local playground or you can create your own DIY obstacle course at home and let them use their imagination and body strength as they finish the course.


Scouting is another great extracurricular activity for an extrovert kids. At scouting camp, your kid can try and learn new things and enjoy the company of kids his age. They get to learn how to use tools, basic first aid, team work, and coordination among several other interesting activities. 

Stage Performance

Extroverted kids love the limelight. Getting them involved in stage performances will help them get socialization. Performing arts is considered one of the best ways for verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas. It helps connect with the audience and receive appreciation. With performing arts, children learn self-presentation, discipline, teamwork and collaboration, and organizational and time management skills.   



Photo by Amber Faust from Pexels

Kids get to play different kinds of sports at school. If your kid is particularly interested in a certain sport that the school does not offer, enroll them in a sports club. Extrovert kids excel in sports they love. Whether its golf, skiing, swimming, or cycling, list of activities for extrovert kids is unlimited.

Nature Trailing

Be it trekking, hiking, rock climbing or rowing, extrovert kids love outdoor activities. Children learn focus and self-discipline through nature trekking. It is better if you arrange a trip with your kids’ friends or join a club where kids can go together for a nature walk.


Extrovert kids love activities that give them a chance for free play. Since extrovert kids do not like to sit alone, camping with friends will help them socialize. You can set up a camp in the backyard and invite friends for a sleepover. Arrange a telescope for star gazing and let your extrovert have all the fun.

Lemonade Stand

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Extrovert kids are social and outgoing by nature. If you are trying to teach the concept of financial independence to your extrovert kid, lemonade stand is a great start. Put up a lemonade stand in front of your house and let your kid manage the stand all by himself. Lemonade stand brings a lot of engagement that your extrovert kid needs. It will give him a chance to talk to people and share his thoughts and ideas. Through selling lemonade, concept of keeping track of sales and saving money can be easily taught to the children.


Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Extrovert kids enjoy in the company of people. To keep your extrovert kid occupied you can involve him in volunteering opportunities. They can learn great lessons while working for the community. You can choose the activity keeping in mind your child’s personality, his likes and dislikes, and abilities. Donating used books and toys, walking or riding for charity, cleaning up parks and beaches, and helping neighbors are some great extracurricular activities to engage your extrovert kid.


Extrovert kids can be engaged in any activity that involves people. They would love to work and play in teams. Extracurricular activities are not only important for physical development; they are beneficial to the emotional and psychological development of children. The more you involve your kid in extracurricular activities, the easier it will become to keep up with your extrovert kid.  

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  1. These are all great activities to help develop kids. My niece isn’t an extrovert… rather an ambivert. She’s also so full of energy.

  2. These are really good suggestions for families. My son has been in some type of extracurricular activity since he was 6years old. It truly gives him a sense of accomplishment outside of academics. Thanks for more ideas!

  3. Volunteering is such a great way to help extroverted kids and those in your community. I love these ideas, will be looking into them for the kids.

  4. Great ideas. My kids are so active and they really loved doing sports most of the time but for a change I will make a DIY obstacle course for them. Thank you!

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