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10 Essential Questions To Ask On Your First Prenatal Visit

Pregnant and apprehensive? Don’t fret. Ask these 10 questions at your first prenatal visit and know what to expect when you are expecting.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I can’t tell you how happy I was! As the days passed I started getting worried about myself and my baby. First pregnancy is always the most worrisome. You don’t know anything about pregnancy except from what we have heard from others. Believe me; stories are nowhere close to being actually pregnant.

Pregnancy Fears and Apprehensions

Being pregnant for the first time can bring mixed emotions. On the one hand you are happy about entering this new phase of life called motherhood; and on the other, you can get apprehensive about the whole process.

Here are some pregnancy related fears and apprehensions most women experience.

Morning Sickness will affect my baby

Morning sickness is considered the first major sign of pregnancy (after noticing the missed periods of course). If you have not experienced morning sickness, you may have heard about it from others. Fear of throwing up and feeling sick when seeing your favorite foods can be devastating. Another fear that women develop is that the baby will not get enough nutrients if they throw up frequently.

What I eat may be harmful for the baby

Women can have weird cravings during pregnancy. You can crave for completely unhealthy food and may fear harming your baby with your food preferences. You may feel guilty after consuming unhealthy stuff, especially if you are into healthy stuff.

I won’t be able to lose weight

Will I be able to get my pre-baby body back? Will I be able to shed unwanted weight? These are some questions that women ask themselves. Gaining weight is part of being pregnant and you cannot avoid it. However, do not let this fear get on your nerves.

I won’t be able to have sex

If you are pregnant with your first baby, you may develop a fear of having sex. You may think that sex can harm your baby or may be dangerous for your pregnancy. Women can also become apprehensive about getting back to having sex after the delivery (because of the changes down there).

I won’t be able to bear the pain of labor

Another fear that pregnant women develop is the fear of labor pain to be unbearable. Will I be able to survive the pain? How intense will it be? Should I look for ways to avoid labor pain? Are there alternatives to vaginal delivery? These questions and many more can pop in your mind.

I will deliver in home or in the car

Will I be able to reach hospital in time? What happens if I deliver at home? After watching movies and reading stories about women delivering at home or on the way to the hospital, developing this fear is natural. Most women panic on the first contraction and rush to the hospital to avoid any disaster.

Questions To Ask Your OB-GYN On First Prenatal Visit

Freaking out about unknown things is natural but you can get your questions answered when you visit your OB-GYN for the first prenatal checkup around 8-10 weeks. The visit includes general physical checkup, some prenatal labs and is usually the longest of all the visits. You can make a list of questions beforehand and should go prepared.

Here are 10 questions you can ask on your first prenatal visit to overcome your fears and be sure on what to expect when you are expecting.

1. What is my due date?

Well, you must be excited to meet your baby and need to know when it is going to happen. The answer to this question will help you get mentally prepared for the delivery as you will know an approximate date.

2. What lifestyle changes do I need to make?

When you are pregnant, your life doesn’t remain the same. You have to make changes to your lifestyle keeping in mind your baby’s wellbeing and yours, too. From food to medication and sleeping habits to work routines, everything needs to be considered. Even the beauty products you use need to be examined for their ingredients as certain elements can be harmful for the baby. So you should ask your doctor in detail about all these factors.

3. How much weight should/can I gain?

Women are very conscious about their weight and pregnancy brings lots of extra kgs. Depending on your pre-pregnancy weight, your doctor will calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) and will guide you about how much healthy weight you can gain during pregnancy.

4. How much can/should I exercise?

The major concern for health conscious women during pregnancy is maintaining health. For those who do exercise on a regular basis need to ask your doctor about how much you can/should exercise during pregnancy? What types of exercises and physical activities should you be doing during pregnancy and what kind of activities to avoid?   

5. Can I travel during pregnancy?

Whether it is driving, flying or cycling, you need to ask your doctor about pros and cons of travelling during pregnancy. Driving is considered safe and most women drive throughout their pregnancies and flying is also considered safe until 36 weeks. However, you should always consult your doctor and ask about safety measures before travelling.

Questions To Ask Your OB-GYN On First Prenatal Visit


6. Should I be taking any vitamins?

Women should start taking vitamins even before conceiving. Vitamins help supplement deficiencies and promote a healthier pregnancy. If you are not taking any, ask your healthcare provider about prenatal vitamins you need during pregnancy.

7. Do I need to get genetic testing done?

Genetic testing helps rule out genetically inherited diseases. There are several kinds of genetic screening tests and your doctor can recommend one based on how far along you are in your pregnancy and the risk factors involved.

8. Do I need to be tested for COVID-19?

This test wasn’t part of regular prenatal checkup until 2019 when the world got hit by coronavirus pandemic. Since the screening guidelines may change, ask your doctor about COVID testing and he will guide you based on current CDC recommendations.

9. When should I panic and who should I contact in case of emergency?

If it is your first pregnancy you may panic about little things. Where some indications are part of pregnancy, some can be unusual and may need medical assistance. You should ask your doctor about signs and symptoms that may indicate a risk. What is normal and when to call a doctor. Most medical facilities offer 24/7 medical assistance and you should ask for a number in case of emergency.

10. Should I join prenatal classes?

There are several kinds of prenatal classes including yoga, infant care, breastfeeding etc. and you can join the ones recommended by your doctor.


Whether it is your first pregnancy or you’ve had other kids before, the first prenatal visit is very important. Every pregnancy is different and you should go prepared for your first prenatal checkup. Always share complete details about your health and previous pregnancies with your doctor to avoid any complications.     

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11 thoughts on “10 Essential Questions To Ask On Your First Prenatal Visit

  1. This is a helpful post. When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was so happy and excited, too! But I also had a lot of worries. I thought of all of these questions you list here. It’s so nice to know that we have support and are not alone with these worries when you find out you’re expecting.

  2. These are great! After reading the how much weight question, I would also add to stay away from any doctors who are overly concerned about weight gain, have unrealistic expectations, or shame you based on weight!

    Also, the covid testing question reminded me, I would also ask how many people you’ll be allowed to have with you during delivery!

    Such a great post!

  3. Very helpful to those planning a family and interesting to those of us without children. Helps me understand the questions going through my friend’s mind.

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