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Gift Ideas for Smart, Fun-Loving and Curious 3 Year Old Boys

With so many choices in the market, it is sometimes hard to choose which gifts to give kids. Narrow down your list with these best gift ideas for 3 year old boys you don’t want to miss.

Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, choosing the perfect gift is not always easy. And if you don’t choose well, you will be stuck just with toys while there is so much more options to look out for.

In buying gifts, you have to consider the kid’s interest, cognitive development, and fine and gross motor skills. While children develop at a different pace, 3 year old boys enjoy being with friends and practicing independence. They also begin to assert their will, push their limits and express their emotions. In addition, this is the stage where they start to be aware of their body parts, know their ABC’s and 123’s, and experience language explosion.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys

Get that checklist done as we run through these amazing gift ideas for 3 year old boys that will knock their socks off.


Let them roar into action with these dinosaur gift ideas.  Despite their sharp teeth and scary claws, these dinosaurs have their way to steal the boys’ hearts.

Construction Vehicles

Excavator, dump trucks, digger, these trucks will be working on the spot while kids gear for a construction work-pretend play.


Develop the love of reading while they are young. Not only does it foster kids’ imagination, reading can be an opportunity to bond with your child. Here are some books you can read to your kids before bedtime.

Art Supplies 

Get those hands moving. Harness creativity and imagination with these art supplies for your kids’ artistic minds.

Learning Materials

Three-year-olds have different learning styles. They can learn or remember best through looking at pictures, listening to sounds or touching an object. Whatever their learning style is, these gift ideas will help them recognize their alphabet and numbers

Lego Duplo

No doubt, legos are a hit gift idea. Whether you buy themed blocks or classic mix and match, these legos will practice the kids fine motor skills and imagination. Just make sure to buy the duplo ones and watch out for choking hazards.



Big cars, small cars.  No matter what size, cars will never go wrong. Push back, remote controlled, racing , or classic cars, they all make their way to the top gift ideas for 3 year old boys.

Outdoor Toys

Learning and play don’t only happen in the four corners of your home. Let the kids enjoy the outdoors with these cool gadgets and toys.  Let your active boys sweat their way to adventure.


Support individualized learning on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through these gift ideas. Encourage your little future engineers and IT experts to do critical thinking while having fun.


As 3 year old boys start to try new things on their own, let them explore new adventures with these exciting rides.  Let them practice their balance and push their way.  You will be surprised how fast they will soon zoom past you.

Musical Instrument

Does your child love to sing or play music? Does he dance or sway to every tune he hears? Then, these gift ideas will be your saving grace.  Who knows, the next generation’s superstar might come from your family.


It is important to teach sports at an early age. Not only does it allow children to loosen up but it also teaches them to be confident and engage with other kids. Sports develops kids’ positive attitude, improves cognitive skills, and promotes healthy living. This set of gift ideas for 3 year old boys will spark their interest in sports

Action Figures / Plush Toys

It is not uncommon to hear kids talking to themselves or to their toys. There is nothing to worry about and it is actually a healthy phase of cognitive and speech development. Encourage your boys to “toy talk” with these action figures and plush toys from their favorite TV shows.

Activity Workbooks

Keep your toddler busy with these age appropriate activity workbooks. Get them ready for school as they learn  skills necessary for kindergarten. 


Letting your child play with puzzles is not only a way to keep their hands working. It also develops their problem solving skills. Making the pieces fit together lets your toddler practice trial and error and patience.


Toddlers love to explore and imagine. Let them practice independent play, pretend meals or crafts with these playsets.


From downloading their favorite apps, to watching their well-loved shows online, or entertaining your kids, these gadgets will surely be a hit.  Just don’t forget to manage parental controls and limit their screen time as much as possible. Giving kids time to go outside and play is still the better option for their wellness.

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  1. This is great list for toddler boys. And girls. I was reviewing the items and everything listed my daughter who is 3 would also really like as well.

  2. With 3 boys myself, these are some really good ideas here. We love Bluey in out house and have those plasma cars. I’m going to check out those remote controlled dinosaurs though…that is something we don’t have!

  3. My great nephew just turned 3. So your post has come at the perfect time – can always do with fresh ideas for gifts!

  4. This is a great guide! The hubby and I have a three year old cousin so we got some ideas for this upcoming holiday season!

  5. I know that my nephew at 3-years old totally flipped for dinosaurs. Thanks for sharing your inspirational post on gift ideas for smart, fun, loving, and curious toddler boys!

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