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10 Things First Time Mom to Baby Boy Should Be Prepared Of

You are on your third trimester and counting the days before the big day. Before you push down and pop, here are 10 things first time boy mom should be prepared of when your baby arrives.

Nothing beats the excitement and anticipation of having a baby specially for first time moms. Your heart jumped when you first heard his heartbeat. His first tiny moves brought you joy knowing that there was a tiny creature in your womb. And how you almost cried when you finally knew that you were going to be a first time mom to a baby boy.

From preparing the nursery to buying all his clothes, accessories, and stuff, to packing your maternity bag; the list of things to do is overwhelming. Just when you feel you are already set, you must also prepare how caring for a baby boy will stun you.

To avoid surprise traps and unexpected blowouts, I am sharing 10 things (and tips!) first time mom to a baby boy should know. As a boy mom of 3 myself, this list will prepare you for joy (and misery!) motherhood brings.


10 Things to Know as First Time Mom To Baby Boy

His Private Will Give You Surprise Splashes

You may need to have super powers when changing his diapers. You need to be super fast or practice super dodge moves. As soon as you open that diaper and air hits his private, it will surely squirt.

To make your life easy, use a little cloth or warm baby wipes to cover him up. Before you close the diaper, make sure his private is pointing down to avoid leaks. If they start leaking through, you might need to upsize.

He Is Loud But Loving

A baby boy is a sourpatch kid. He will test your patience. He will scream out loud, and squirm all the way. But he is a sweet, little individual who will melt your heart with his faintest smile.

Circumcision Or Not

Circumcision is a choice you and your partner should talk through. Whether you decide to get your baby circumcised or not, he is still perfect just the way he is.

But when cleaning his private, never move or pull the skin around it. The foreskin is natural a protection against infections. Moving it prematurely can cause tear and would allow bacteria to enter.

Check His Testicles

Check the size of his testicles for possible hernia. You should also clean them because you’ll be surprised how much poop they can hide under there. Those wrinkles are poop traps.

Waterproof Mattress Cover Is A Must

You’ll never know how important a waterproof mattress cover is in your checklist until you clean a soiled, dirty, stinky mattress all the time. Putting the cover underneath or over the sheet will make it easier to clean.

Don’t Panic If It Gets Hard

You woke up in the morning and you just noticed that your baby’s private was standing proud and tall. Don’t be scared. Actually it is perfectly normal.

Boys, no matter how young they are, experience the highest level of testosterone in the morning. It gets hard even without stimulation. You may also notice that the slightest contact or touch of running water in his private can also send sensation. But these are absolutely no malice. This is how they are made of.

Grabbing Himself

When your baby starts using his hands, he’ll start exploring his own body. And what could be the best body part that he will actually play with? You exactly know what. His private will be his first toy. He will grab himself as soon as you change him, give him a bath, or just let him go commando.

Boys (and all kids, really) will jump around, tumble, and raise a ruckus!

Boys are adventurous individuals. They will get hurt and get booboos. But no matter how much they fall, they will always get back up and do the same things over and over again. If they cry, give them hug and comfort and they will be fine. As a new mom, just make sure your baby boy doesn’t hurt himself bad. Safety is our number one priority.

He Is A Milk Monster

Whether you feed him on bottle or breast, you will wonder how much milk they can consume. As his stomach begins to develop, you may start to feed him more and more. My 3 boys are all breastfed babies. And let me tell you, they suck the milk out of me. My breasts are always empty.

He Will Make Your Heart So Full

The sight of your baby makes you grow stronger each day, as a person and as a mom. You can not explain the feeling of fullness in your heart, as if it is ready to explode. It has so much love the way you never felt before. Now you are a mother. And no one owns your baby but you.


I never knew I am capable of loving this much when I became a mother thrice. No matter how old my boys get, they will always be my sweet little babies. Just seeing them everyday makes me feel like a first time mom always.

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11 thoughts on “10 Things First Time Mom to Baby Boy Should Be Prepared Of

  1. I can relate to all of these things as a mom to a little boy. He is such a handful but I love him so much. This post made see that my child isn’t different. I really needed to read this!!

  2. Reading this reminds me when my baby boy was born. All those sleepness nights and his always wanting for milk when his awake. Tiring but totally worth it.

  3. This is fascinating to read! I have an only girl – she’s wild, active, and adventurous! I always wondered what it would have been like to have a baby boy. I would have never thought of these things!

  4. This is great! When my daughter had my grandson, we all had no idea what it was like to have a boy. In our family, 7 generations of only girls being born. This was informative and spot on! 🍕👓👜🏨😊

  5. great tips for new moms.. and you include so much that new parents might or might not be thinking of too but will need the answers to.. so that is wonderful

  6. Wow this was a lot of great information! We are planning on having kids soon so now I have this as a good reference

  7. Perfect timing. My friend just had her second baby – a beautiful baby boy. She’ll find this article helpful I’m sure.

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