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10 Year-Round Gift Ideas for A Boy Mom

Let’s celebrate Mother, Thanksgiving and Christmas Days all year-round and honor a boy mom with these cool, stylish and personalized gift ideas.

“Motherhood is messy. And challenging. And crazy. And sleepless. And giving. And still unbelievably beautiful.”

– Rachel Martin

Motherhood is a choice that changes your life forever. It is also hard work. Child-bearing alone takes toll on a mother’s physical and mental health. A mom’s unselfish love to give-up personal plans and dreams for the family is a sacrifice we should all be thankful for.

While there’s a list of special occasions to show your appreciation to the woman who’s the reason you’re alive, you don’t need special celebrations to say “thank you” and “I love you”.

To appreciate a boy mom in your life, here is a list of 10 gift ideas for all occasions. Perfect for new or expecting boy moms, or birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, these gifts will make the woman in your life feel special.

Mom of Boys Water Bottle / Mugs

Whether your mom wants to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night or enjoy iced cold drink on warm days, these water bottle and mugs can handle them all. The insulated cups are also a to-go beverage carrier for travel-loving boy moms.

Boy Mom Shirt

Keep your mom in style while wearing these statement shirts. Perfect for casual, events, or daily wear. These graphic shirts are also a good conversation starter during family and friends gathering.

Mom of Boys Sweatshirt

When the weather turns cold and you need some warmth and comfort, it’s time to bring out the sweatshirts. Motherhood never stops. Say it out loud with these statement sweatshirt with “Boy Mama Sun Up to Sun Down” printed on it.

Statement Baseball Cap

What would be a better way to complement a stylish look but a nice and comfy cap. Fit for any outdoor activities and weather, boys mom will love these caps to match their hiphop, casual or sporty style.

Mother Son Necklace

The love of of a mother doesn’t fade over time. It has no beginning and ending, infinite. Give your mom this interlocking infinity circles necklace as a reminder that your love for each other is present despite the distance or any circumstances. Boys create a bond with moms that lasts a lifetime.


Spa Gift Set

Moms are expected to run the household. From cooking meals to cleaning the house, taking care of the kids to keeping the fridge stocked, the list is overwhelming. Give your tired mom a gift to help her rest and relax with spa. A spa gift certificate, home service or gift set is a good reminder to pause and take a break for a while.

Boy Mom Decal

There are no boundaries in expressing how proud a boy mom is. Aside from wearing graphic shirts or jewelries, another great gift idea is a vinyl decal. You can apply it on laptop, wall interiors or phone. Another great idea is to give her car a new boy mom badass look by applying this on her car window.

Mom and Son Journal

Another great way to create a special bond between a mother and son is to share their experiences and memories together. This Mom and Me Journal creates an emotional attachment written in words. It also has coloring pages, activities and free space for creativity. You will be surprised how your son expresses himself and see you as his mom.

Picture Frame

Gather your favorite mom and son photos, artwork or drawings and put them on a frame. This personalized picture frame can be put on table tops or hang on a wall. Looking at your pictures together will surely melt her heart away.

Personalized Storybook

Surprise your mom with a gift she doesn’t expect through this personalized storybook featuring her as the main character. You can personalize the characters and write your own dedication page. This book is about how big a mom’s love is, even bigger than the universe.

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10 thoughts on “10 Year-Round Gift Ideas for A Boy Mom

  1. This is an interesting concept of celebrating mom of boys! I find the pink and blue cups as well as the blue t-shirt lovely.

  2. I love all the boy mom shirts and hats but that journal stuck out to me. What a great way to create a special bond with your son.

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