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49 Best Preschool Clean Up Songs on Youtube

Fun ends when it’s to time to clean up. While playtime is an essential part of kids’ daily routine, putting the toys back to their proper places should also be a part of it. Here is a list of best preschool clean up songs on Youtube to make packing up a breeze.

Cleaning up should not just be the parents’ job. Having 3 kids playing with different sets of toys makes the house a big mess! And as a mom, my only wish before the day end is to see my kids sleep soundly at night free of clutter. I can’t do all the cleaning by myself nor do I want to be a monster mom nagging everybody to put their toys away.

How I Teach My Kids to Clean Up

We may have different perceptions of how early we can teach our preschoolers to tidy up their room. But for me, I teach them how to clean up or at least pick up a toy as early as 1 year old. Here are the ways how I get cleaning up done with my kids.

Turn cleaning up into a play

Toddlers have very short attention span. They won’t even last 3 minutes cleaning up their toys continuously. My 1 year old also whines when it’s time to pack up. It makes him feel like I’m taking away his privilege to play. To make cleaning up more interesting, I put out the bins and do a tossing game. Whoever tosses the most toys into the bins win. Second, I also do role playing. When my boy just won’t put his dinosaur or excavator down, I let them bid goodbye or goodnight and put it back straight to the chest. Third, and this is usually between my 2 older boys, a race who can finish cleaning up first.

Lead by example

There is no better way to teach our young to clean up but by showing them how to do it properly. I don’t want my kids to feel that picking up their toys after play is a punishment or a consequence so I do it myself first. It creates a normalcy in the household that everybody is responsible for their own mess.

No clean up, no screen time

Our daily screen time schedule follows right after playtime. Before they get the privilege to watch on their tablets or tv, the room should be clean. It gets the room done in no time.

Mom is sad strategy

When no one bothers to give me a hand even after asking my kids several times to help me clean up, I put a frown face and say, “I am very sad, no one is helping nanay (mom).” And whose kids want their mom sad? No one. After the room is done, I put back my smiling face, kiss my boys and give my thanks.

Reward system

There are several ways I reward my kids when they did a good job cleaning up their toys. I use reward stickers, additional screen time and a special treat/snacks. For my eldest, who can now understand the value of money, I sometimes compensate him for doing tasks around the house. He has the choice to put it in his savings or spending.

Sing a song

While it is no fun to clean up after playtime, we make it a dance party through songs. I often use the classic Clean Up song but I change the lyrics a bit with their names. It goes like this.

“Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere. Clean Up, clean up, (name) does his share.”

No matter how off I sing the tune, they don’t really matter as long as I recognize their efforts to clean up.


49 Preschool Clean Up Songs on YouTube

1.10 Minutes Kids Cleanup Countdown with Song by PLEXKITS

Let’s start off with this 10-minute countdown song that encourages kids to clean up. Aside from teaching kids the value of time, it is also a great way to get things down quickly. How smart isn’t? This video has it’s 2, 3, 5 and 30-minute versions.

2. Clean Up Song for Children by ELF Learning

3. Clean Up Song by The Singing Walrus

4. The Clean Up Song by Barney 

Having 3 boys at home makes cleaning no fun at all. Thanks to Barney who first taught me that cleaning up is not just a mom’s job but everyone’s share. And with that, I am also passing this Barney’s Clean Up song to my kids

Here is the lyrics of Clean Up song by Barney.

Now it’s time to put away everything that we took out.

When the place is nice and clean, it makes us feel so proud.

We always clean-up, clean-up to show we really care.

We always clean-up, clean-up ’cause we like to do our share.

After we have had our fun and playtime’s coming to an end.

We sure know it helps a bunch if we can all pitch-in.

We always clean-up, clean-up to show we really care.

We always clean-up, clean-up ’cause we like to do our share.

5. Clean Up the Room by Toddler Tunes

6. Clean Up Song by Saddleback Kids

7. Clean Up Song by Gracie’s Corner

8. Clean Up Song Cocomelon

I am certain that every preschooler all over the world knows Cocomelon. This preschool boy and his family captured the hearts of many households with access to internet. It teaches kids not only the value of family but good morals and conduct as well.

9. Clean Up Song by Super Simple Songs

10. Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner by Jack Hartmann

12. Clean Up R&B Remix by Desmond Dennis

If you have preschoolers who have some moves, then this preschool clean up song for groovy little ones is definitely for you.

13. Clean Up Song with Nina and Nico by Little World

14. Clean Up Song by GoNoodle

15. Clean Up Toys Song by Shimajiro Channel

16. Clear Up Flash by Hooray Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

17. Tidy Up Song by Little Baby Bum

18. Clean Up is Fun by The Learning Station

19. It’s Time To Clean Up! by Harry Kindergarten Music

20. Put the Toys Away by Baby Shark

Here is another preschool clean up song favorite on YouTube. This generation of kids has given light to monstrous, flesh eating giants. These sharks became colorful and funny sea creatures who can sing and dance to nursery rhymes.

21. Clean Up the Room by Classroom Learning Adventures

22. Let’s Tidy Up by Pinkfong Baby Shark

23. The Clean Up Song by Baby Joy Joy

24. Clean Up Song by Baby Zoo

25. Clean Up Song by Jojo English

26. Clean It Up by The Juicebox Jukebox

Upbeat, fun and animated, this clean up song gets the kids going in a flash with sways and snaps.

27. Tidy Up Song by Musical Dots

28. Clean Up Time by StoryBots

29. Clean Up Trash by D Billions

30. The Clean Up Song by Peppa Pig

31. Clean Up Song for Kids by Maple Leaf Learning

32. Clean Up Song for Children by Dream English Kids

33. Clean Up song by Larva Kids

The Larva is back not only as 2 slugs with silly (sometimes disgusting!) humor but as singing characters with the whole gang. Larva series on Netflix received mixed reviews from parents. I am hoping to see more of the characters singing about good habits but remain funny as ever.

33. Clean Up Song by Fun Kids English 

34. Clean Up song by Goo Goo Colors

35. Tidy Up Song by Eli Kids

36. Clean Up Song by GoBooBoo

37. Every Mess I Make by Badanamu

Now for my personal favorite, here’s a clean up song from Badanamu. I find these 3 colorful, fluffy penguins really cute and they sure have moves. I can’t help but to sway on the tune every time I hear it.

Here’s the lyrics of Every Mess I Make by Badanamu.

Oh no, what a mess. I spilled glitter on the floor now.
Watch your step! Oh no, I must confess.
I spilled paint everywhere now.
What a mess!

But it’s okay.
I know what to do.
I’ll grab a sponge and a mop and grab a broom!

And I’ll clean today. Every mess I make.
And I’ll wash away. Every mess I make.

Oh no, what a mess. I spilled glue on the floor now.
Watch your step! Oh no, I must confess.
I dropped paper everywhere now.
What a mess!


Shake to the beat.
Move your feet.
Clean clean clean now. (x2)
Clean, scrub! Give it a little love
Clean, scrub! Until it’s all done.
Sweep, mop! Give it all you got.
Sweep, mop! Until its all done.

38. Clean Your Room by WizKiddoz

39. Clean Up Song by Infobells

40. Clean Up song by The Polos

41. Time To Tidy Up Song by Tiny Tunes

42. Clean Up by Helen Doron Song Club

43. Clean Up song by WooHoo Rhymes

44. Clean Up Songs for Kids by Lingokids

45. Clean Up song by BabyFirst

46. Clean Up Song by The Kiboomers

47. I’ve Been Cleaning Up my Bedroom by AO Kids

48. Everything in Their Place by JunyTony

49. I Can Clean Up Toys Song by Super Jojo


When I ask my kids to clean up, they will probably pick up a toy or two and then go back to playing. It may take small steps to get them the cleaning up habit but at least we are trying. The more I encourage them to do little tasks, the more they will learn the value of responsibility. As my kids learn accountability of their own mess at home, I am also preparing them to be responsible citizens and adults when they grow up.

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8 thoughts on “49 Best Preschool Clean Up Songs on Youtube

  1. Wow, this is an awesome list of clean-up songs for preschoolers! I am a big fan of using music throughout the day and using songs to help get my daughter to clean up her toys or help with a chore. It is definitely a struggle with one, two, and three-year-olds. The song we use often is “This is the way we clean up” to the tune of “Here we go round the mulberry bush.” We also love Music Together, and they have a song called “Clap, clap, clap your hands together” and I use that tune to sing “Clean, clean, clean up, let’s clean up together”

  2. Such a long list of songs! I’ll have to return and listen to some more. Great suggestions to get the kiddos to help.

  3. One of my rules in our house is the ” no cleanup, no screen time ” policy, and I always play their favorite song to encourage them to clean their mess.

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