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8 Working Ideas to Stop Baby from Crying in the Car Seat

Most babies love car rides but hate car seats. Here are some ideas to manage baby car seat crying spells.

As much as babies love car rides, most of them hate car seats. I mean, why would a baby cry in the car seat? Because they feel trapped. Babies love their freedom. They love cuddles and being carried. A car seat takes those privileges away. It feels like a jail. So, as soon as you put them in the seat, they would start protesting and crying.

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Reasons for Crying in the Car Seat

There can be several reasons for why babies feel uncomfortable in the car seat. Here are a few of them:

Health Issue

If the car seat crying just started recently, you should get your baby checked for any health issue. Most babies become fussy when they are feverish or they are going through their teething phase. It can also be due to colic or an ear infection. You should consult a doctor if you see any change in your baby’s behavior.

Check what is causing the discomfort

If the weather outside is warm and your baby’s car seat is by the window, the sun in his eyes is probably making him uncomfortable. Putting window shades will help deal with the crying spell. It could also be that the baby is hungry or thirsty, she has pooped, or tired and sleepy.  

Check the Car Seat

Car seats are for baby’s comfort and safety. However, sometimes it can be the cause of trouble. Maybe there’s a broken part that’s pinching your baby or the straps are too tight. Check the car seat thoroughly before putting your baby in it.

Check the Baby’s Clothes

Before putting the baby in the car seat, check his clothes. Always put the baby in comfortable clothes while travelling. If the weather is too frigid, put him in a thermal or sweater then just top the harness with a blanket. Never let the baby wear a coat or bulky clothing under the strap.

Baby is seeking attention

Babies love attention. When they are put in the car seat, they feel alone. They are probably crying to seek attention. Just be attentive how you respond to their cry. Either it is a genuine cry for help or just testing you to put them out of the strap.


Practical Ways to Stop Baby From Crying in the Car Seat

Here are 8 ideas to stop baby from crying in the car seat. The general intent is to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Start Early

Car seat is recommended for every child under the age of 12. The sooner you get your baby in the car seat the sooner he will adjust. Babies take time to adjust to new places and experiences. Remember how your baby may have found it difficult to sleep in a new room or crib? The sooner you make your baby get the hang of sitting with a harness, the easier it will be for him to travel peacefully.

Me and My Toy’s Car Seat

Car seats are for the safety of the child. It is the law. But how would you react in a situation where you feel trapped? To make the car seat their happy place, make it fun. You can buy a toy car seat and make your child’s favorite toy sit in it or hang a toy in front of him. This will help him relate and develop a feeling of not being alone in the seat.  

Play their Favorite Videos

With all the cars equipped with various devices, entertaining your baby has become very easy. Whenever you plan to go out, play your baby’s favorite show at least 10 minutes before leaving the house. As soon as you put your baby in the car seat, resume the video either on the car screen or smart phone. It will distract him from sitting in the car seat and avoid tantrums.

White Noise

White noise is a slow, rhythmic and consistent sound that masks other noises. Babies usually feel uncomfortable with traffic noise. Car seat crying often starts when babies feel intimidated by their environment. White noise is available on CDs or streaming. While this is usually used to help babies sleep, it can also be used in the car for soothing a baby who feels uncomfortable in the car seat.

Take along Toys and Books

Distraction is the best way to avoid car seat crying. When travelling, take along your baby’s favorite toys and books. When he finds his toys and books in the car with him, he will find something familiar and will feel less agitated. You can keep a separate set of his favorite toys in the car. This way, he will even look forward to the car trip to play with them.

Mirror in the Car

Babies love to look at their reflection in the mirror. You can hang a glass-free mirror (it’s safer for babies) where baby can see himself. This will surely distract him and stay busy as you travel.

Keep the window open

If the weather is pleasant, and you are driving on safe speed keep the window open. Fresh air has a soothing effect and the baby will surely enjoy the ride. The circulation of fresh air calms the nerves and helps reduce car seat melt-downs.  

Use Essential Oils in Car Diffuser

The babies feel restrained in the car seat. This leads them to feel anxious and they start crying. Essential oils are best for reducing stress and help babies sleep better. They are also used for dealing with colic. So, if the baby cries in the car seat, you can use essential oils in car diffuser to sooth the baby and reduce car seat anxiety. Always use natural essential oils and when used in the car, keep a window open.


Most babies enjoy the car ride and would even sleep as soon as they are put in the car seat. But not every baby likes to sit in the car seat. They would cry their lungs out and would create the biggest scene. As a parent, you should keep your cool. The more anxious you are, the baby will cry more. Babies have a tendency to catch your vibe. So stay calm and handle the situation without getting stressed out.      

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12 thoughts on “8 Working Ideas to Stop Baby from Crying in the Car Seat

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed to make use of a car seat for my son. I remember him loving car rides and if he was fussy the white noise suggestion worked every time.

  2. This was quite an enlightening read. I don’t have babies but I know a few who do. This might be helpful to them.

  3. I remember going through this sometimes when my daughter was a baby. It seemed in her case she was cranky or tired because it wasn’t all the time. Playing music in the car helped.

  4. All of these are great ideas! I remember when my kids were this small, sometimes it could be a distraction but thankfully my kids mostly liked to sleep when the car was moving.

  5. My kids hated their car seats. It was always a struggle to keep them from screaming and crying. They did best when someone was sitting back there with them.

  6. I’m glad our daughter has never had an issue with car seats besides straps being too tight, which is an easy fix! She does get bored on long rides, so toys are great, but as she gets motion sickness, we mostly try to have her focus on looking out the window.

  7. great tips. I recall that most of the times when my kids were fussy as babies were because they were hungry.. or it was just too long of a trip for them..

  8. Great ideas. Love this “To make the car seat their happy place, make it fun.” A great technique (works well for getting adults to do things they don’t like too ;))

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