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Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay: Ultimate Family Summerscapade

Spend a day of excitement, thrill and fun at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, a 2-in-1 amusement park and resort for the whole family!

Summer can’t get any better with road trips and water activities. It is the best time of the year to enjoy the sun and nature especially because the kids are out of school. So when our church set a family day at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, given our flexible schedule, my husband can take a day off from work, there was no answer but yes. To top it all, this trip was a memorable way to celebrate my youngest son’s birthday. Double the celebration, double the fun!

Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom is a theme park that caters to people from all walks of life. There are tons of age-appropriate rides the whole family can enjoy. And since I have young kids, you can find us easily in the toddler attractions. Thankfully our 9-year old son agreed to stay with his brothers and waited patiently until we could get to his preferred rides.

The sun was up. It was so hot and humid. But that didn’t stop the kids from making the most out of the park. My oldest son, with my husband, tried Prof. Johns Flying Machine, a flying ride that looks like a newly invented airplane, and Tin Lizzies, a classic truck where the driver can control the gas pedal and steering wheel.

Tin Lizzies

My toddlers tried attractions one after another. Big Foot Truck is a mini monster truck for younger kids. Parents can join the fun too. We also tried Flutterfly, a helicopter with pedal. Next, we enjoyed spinning around the Musical Carousel.

Big Foot Truck

Lastly, a ride in the Rock-a-Bye Swing concluded our morning. Given that I feared heights, this ride looked very deceiving. I was expecting a calm ride but it gave me goosebumps instead.

Rock-a-Bye Swing

Other family-fun rides include Bumper Cars, Bella Musica, Flying Dutchman, Pounce and Bounce and a lot more.

If you’re a thrill-seeker park visitor, Scream Extreme, Bluebeard’s Bounty, Cyclos, FearFALL and Skycatcher are for you. 

Kentucky Kingdom houses six roller coasters to choose from according to your level of tolerance. Roller Skater is best for kids while Kentucky Flyer and Storm Chase are for mid-ranged thrill seekers. T3, Thunder Run and Lightning run are roller coasters I would never have dared to ride.

Brace yourselves to get wet with water rides like Mile High Falls and Raging Rapid River Ride.  It is a good way to cool off from a hot sunny day.

It was high noon and we were hungry. While outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the park, concessions are available. 

Hurricane Bay

Right after lunch, we went straight to the pool and slides. Splash Zone was our first stop. My toddlers enjoyed a knee-deep pool while my oldest played with the interactive water playground.  We also enjoyed getting splashed by the tipping bucket. 

Few minutes later, all rides and attractions closed down because of a thunderstorm threat in the area. We found shelter and waited for a while. We were thinking hard if it was worth the wait and we could just leave and check-in at our hotel. But as the storm passed, the boys played in puddles and rain (which they have never done so far). Another favor the storm brought, it cooled us down. 

There are slides and attractions that require a minimum height limit like Tornado, Mega Wedgie and Plummet Summit. But if you have a family like mine with toddlers, your best shots are Buccaneer Beach, Family Wave Lagoon and Splash Zone. 

Buccaneer Beach

You can also check out some high thrill slides like Deep Water Dive and Wave Runner.

Tips when going to Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay on Hot Summer Days

  1. Hydrate.

Summer heat can cause dehydration and heat stroke. Keeping your body with adequate fluids can get you energized and ready for a whole day of activities. Start drinking even before you go outside.

  1. Wear sunscreen.

Protect your sunscreen from damaging UV rays by applying sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for kids and adults. 

  1. Wear light, loose fit clothes.

Keep your body cool by wearing summer-appropriate clothing. Light-colored clothes like white, yellow or khaki reflect the light while dark-colored clothes like black and blue absorb it. Likewise, wearing loose fit garments allow air to pass through your body keeping you cool.

  1. Bring extra clothes.

Even if you don’t have any plans of diving into the pool, bring spare clothes! Aside from sweating a lot, there are attractions and rides that will get you drenched. And to be honest, you need it to cool you down from the very hot weather.

  1. Avoid loose accessories.

If you are a thrill-seeker and enjoy riding the roller coaster, drop ride or swing ride, avoid wearing jewelry or other loose accessories. You don’t definitely don’t want your belongings to fly everywhere.

  1. Have fun.

No need to explain. JUST HAVE FUN!

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To know more about Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, visit their site here. Let us all make summer a fun time for the whole family. And if you have been there before, let me know in the comment section how did your visit go.

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