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Home Remedies To Get Rid of Smelly School Shoes and Feet

School has begun! And when we prepare our kids for school everyday, we are not just talking about their school supplies and lunchbox. We also make sure they get enough sleep, eat breakfast, and wear clean clothes and shoes. But what if those pairs of shoes become smelly? Do you just throw them away? Let’s talk about shoes and how to get rid of smelly stinky feet out of your school kid.

What are the causes of smelly feet in kids?

One of the ways you can greet your child back home from school, aside from preparing their snacks, is to give them a hug. But once they remove their shoes and you notice a nasty, stinky, rotten smell coming from somewhere, you just want to move away and breathe some fresh air. The shoes and feet are the culprit.

Standard school attire may vary from district to district, but in general, kids are required to wear decent tops and bottoms. Appropriate shoes should be worn at all times, not allowing flip flops or sandals.

Kids wear shoes several hours on school days, no wonder they develop smelly feet!

CDC, Shape America, and other national organizations recommend at least 20 minutes of daily recess time for elementary students on top of their physical education classes. Imagine how these students actively run around, play and use their energy without any signs of exhaustion. And when their feet sweat, bacteria can populate.

Dark, moist areas are the best spots for bacteria to thrive. When these bacteria on the feet and shoes feast on your dead skin cell and sweat, they produce a lingering stinky smell. Thus, sweat, heat, and dark insoles of your shoes make the perfect recipe for smelly feet.

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Smelly Feet Remedies at Home

Smelly feet in kids can be treated at home. Try one or more of these home remedies to get rid of smelly feet.

Apply antiperspirant. From the word itself, antiperspirant products reduce the ability skin to sweat. It can be in different forms like lotion, spray, roll-on or stick. Most antiperspirant products are available over-the-counter (OTC) while some are prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Wash feet with antibacterial soap.  Washing feet regularly with warm soapy water can prevent bacteria from multiplying. It is also the best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs.

Use foot powder to help absorb moisture. Sprinkle foot powder on their feet before wearing socks and also on the soles of their shoes to absorb sweat and moisture.

Foot soak. Soak their feet in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt or vinegar for 10-20 minutes once a week. Epsom salt removes dead skin, makes it softer and makes the feet less susceptible to bacterial growth. On the other hand, vinegar has antimicrobial properties that make the feet inhabitable to bacteria.

Best Remedies to Remove Bad Smell In Shoes

Treating the feet may not be enough to stop the stinky smell from your school kid. It is also important to keep the shoes as clean and fresh as possible.  Here are some ways to remove the odor from school shoes.

Wash and set under the sun. Wash shoes with gentle laundry detergent or dish and water. Scrub the insoles with a soft brush or toothbrush. Let the shoes dry under the sun.  Air it out and make sure it is completely dry before wearing it again.

Sprinkle baking soda or put baking soda balls inside the shoes. Baking soda acts as a deodorizer that can remove the odor from your shoes. Sprinkle a generous amount inside the shoes and let it sit for a few hours or overnight.

Spray vinegar. Mix equal parts of water and distilled white vinegar inside the shoes and let it sit for hours or overnight.

Change inner soles. Giving another layer of protection between shoes and feet can prevent smelly feet and school shoes. Once the inner soles start to smell, toss it out and put in a brand new one.

Disinfect the shoes. While you can use household multi-surface disinfecting sprays on your shoes, there are shoe sprays that are specifically designed for shoes. Carefully follow the usage instructions to avoid any harm and damage. Spray the soles and inside of shoes to kill and prevent bacteria from growing.

How to Prevent Smelly Feet in Kids

Prevention is better than cure. Though there are a number of home remedies to treat smelly school shoes and feet, it is always best to manage it before it even starts and gets worse. Follow these simple steps to rule out odor out of your school kids shoes and feet.

  1. Bring extra socks.
  2. Wear shoes alternately if possible. Switch shoes until they are completely dry.
  3. Wear clean, comfortable and breathable socks and shoes everyday. Avoid wearing footwear that are too tight.
  4. Avoid wearing footwear made from synthetic materials because it increases bacterial growth.
  5. Give their feet some air to breathe.
  6. Don’t share socks and shoes. 
  7. Wash feet daily with warm soap and water, making sure to clean in-between toes.

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Maintaining good and healthy feet is part of the personal daily habit we need to teach our kids. If following one or more of these steps may seem not enough, visit your child’s pediatrician to check for any health related problems.

Have you tried any of these smelly feet treatments before? Let me know your story and what worked best for you.

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