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The Ultimate Blippi Birthday Party Roundup Ideas

Celebrate your kids birthday with these ultimate Blippi birthday ideas your fun-loving, curious kid will never forget.

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a self-titled TV/YouTube program made for toddlers until age 5. Funny, energetic, exploring, and curious, Blippi features places and toys while teaching some basic preschool knowledge and skills. He is a man, acts like a toddler, and wears his iconic bright orange and blue colored beanie, bowtie, suspenders and glasses. 

My toddlers adore Blippi. From his songs to the way he spells his name, B-L-I-P-P-I, my toddlers know them by heart. And when I asked my soon to-be 4-year-old what he wanted for his birthday, he replied “Blippi!” with conviction.

With that said, I made this Blippi birthday party ideas guide for moms like me who make birthday wishes come true.  This will make your preparations easier and hopefully will give a smile to your Blippi-loving buddy.

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Blippi Party Decorations

Show off your artistry by decorating your own dessert/food table. This table party idea is a complete resemblance of iconic Blippi colors and costume. 

Blippi is not just for boys. Here is another birthday party decoration idea for a sweet little girl.

Photo by Keith Vinluan

Touch up your centerpiece with a garland balloon to set the mood for celebration. Packed with vibrant colors and different sizes, kids will never get away without it.

No time to cut and fold? How about a fully packaged Blippi decoration? This set comes with everything you need for a birthday party. From birthday banner and backdrop to cake toppers and utensils, it surely has your back.

If you want a more Blippi personalized balloon decoration as ad-on, try these Blippi printed balloons. You can blow them with helium, put on a stick, or even hang them like garland.

Blippi Birthday Food Ideas

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies especially with cute and colorful designs? These cookies can be included in your favor bag too.

Try some orange and blue colored treats like cheeseballs, goldfish, candies, and gummies to complement your theme.

Photo by Catch My Party

Blippi Birthday Invitation

Any birthday party announcement starts with an invitation. Whether you are working digitally or printed, making an invitation requires some level of skills and creativity. Check out these pre-designed invitations that you can order online. Find inspiration and let your imagination take over to create a design that suits your theme.

Photo by oscarsitosroom

Blippi Party Favors

Make everyday a Blippi holiday by giving away these orange Blippi glasses. Kids can wear them everywhere and anywhere they want.

Aside from candies and sugar cookies, you can also include toys in your favor bag. And since Blippi has been well-known for his construction truck songs and video, these pull back mini trucks can roll their way in.

When you’re looking for a favor bag to compliment your theme colors, try this exclusive customized Blippi bag. It has an easy-to-carry handle and enough space for your goodies.

Blippi Party Costume

Who is Blippi without his signature costumes? Dress up like Blippi to impress your guests and make the celebration an official Blippi fun party.

Blippi Party Game

Gather around and spice up the party with an activity everyone will enjoy. Kids and adults can join the fun by putting a bowtie to Blippi.

Here’s how it works: 

First, mark a starting line on the floor. Next, the player gets a bow tie sticker and puts on a blindfold. Then, slowly he moves forward to the poster and sticks his bowtie. Other guests  can verbally guide the player to help him advance. The player who sticks his bowtie closest to Blippi’s neck wins.

Blippi Cake Ideas

What makes a birthday more meaningful without a cake? Blow the candles on this construction site Blippi birthday cake. Complete with fondant construction trucks, traffic cones and dirt, this cake can be the perfect centerpiece of your party.

How about this Blippi-suit birthday cake? You can not underrate this super cute dessert topped with colorful coated chocolate candies.

Try adding some cupcakes on your dessert party table. You won’t be able to keep those little hands off of them.

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Birthdays only happen once every year. And by making our kid’s party the best celebration yet, we are helping him build core memories to last a lifetime. 

Wishing your child a happy Blippi birthday!

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