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Useful Gift Ideas For Work From Home Husband

Looking for gifts to impress your work from home husband has never been easier. I rounded up this list of gift ideas to give the greatest comfort and ease to your hard-working work from home better half.

Pandemic has changed the world in many ways possible. From how we meet people, masking up to prioritize our wellness, these all took a toll on our mental and social health. Pandemic also led to economic shift and advancement in medical field.

Covid-19 also made an impact on work setting. Offices have shifted from physical office to working from home.

My husband was not spared from it. He has been working from home since March 2020. It became officially permanent in 2021. While working from home saves time and gasoline expense, working in an actual office setting still has its own benefits like concentration and in-person interaction.

To help husbands who are always on screen navigate work from home setting comfortably, surprise him with these gift ideas he’ll actually be thankful for.

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Office Chair

Sitting on a chair for a long time can put strain on your back and neck. Give your husband the outmost comfort with an office chair that supports his weight, back, neck, and arms. Choose a chair with mesh back to let air circulate and wheels to help him move to places.

Office Desk

With all the supplies, printer and laptops at hand, tables can get messy and cluttered at times. All your husband needs are spacious office desk and storage to accommodate all his stuff.

Wireless Earphones

Work from home setting requires a lot of online meetings. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Your husband will need an earpiece that doesn’t dangle around his neck. That said, wireless is the way to go. Choose an earphone with high quality sound and noise cancelling feature for better concentration.

Keyboard and Mouse Set

When your husband needs to meet deadlines from all his paper works, a fast and reliable keyboard and mouse can ease up the tension. Typing and keypad-heavy work will be a breeze if you choose the right keyboard.

Laptop Stand

Working on a desk for a long period strains the upper body. Let your husband stretch up and try to elevate his screen with a laptop stand. It can relax his muscles and promote good posture from looking down a lot.

Lap Desk

When working on his office table seems repetitive, he can bring his work on a couch or hammock for a change. A mobile work surface like a lap desk will give him the freedom to work with mobility.

Hand Exercise Kit

Doing hand exercises in-between work improves hand mobility. It develops flexibility and avoids stiffness from prolonged typing. Thus, a hand strengthening kit makes a good gift idea for remote work.

Dual Screen Accessory

When working at home or remotely requires a lot of presentation, having laptop accessories can improve your efficiency. Try to install a dual monitor to maximize and navigate your window screen.

Desk Organizer

Work area always gets cluttered no matter how much you clean it. Good to know there are office home organizers you can buy in the market to help maximize work space. An organized and clean work table is an ideal office environment

Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee boosts your productivity at work. No need to buy expensive coffee because you can make it at home with your very own coffee maker. Add a splash of love and serve it with a smile.

Work From Home Shirt

To make your husband an official member of work from home community, a shirt to say it loud and proud makes a humorous gifting idea.

Neck Massager

Your husband deserves to relax after a day’s work. Why not give him a neck massager that actually works like a professional kneader. With its multifunction settings, your husband can get a soothing massage not only on his neck but also various parts of the body.

Workout Bench

While working from home has its convenience, your husband may put working out to a stall. Get him inspired and get back to fitness with a work bench gift idea.


Another useful gadget your husband can get would be a smartwatch. With its multifunction feature like alarm, heart and sleep monitor, your husband works at home while still watchful of his fitness goals

Foot Rest

Does your husband complain of too much pressure on his back, leg or foot after sitting for hours? If yes, then a foot rest would be a perfect  gift idea. With a memory foam foot rest, your husband gets a back support and would be able to relax his feet while working.

Grooming Kit

Working from home doesn’t mean forgetting your hygiene and good grooming. Let your husband enjoy a luxury grooming kit to keep a fresh look everyday.

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We are a single income household. My husband works solely while I take care of the kids. While it is a conjugal decision, I still think that he needs to enjoy the fruits of his labor. A simple gesture goes a long way. ‘Till next time.

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