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Paw Patrol Trunk or Treat Decoration Ideas

No problem is too big, no decoration is too small! Gear up and get your car rollin’ with these trunk or treat Paw Patrol decoration ideas your little pups will ruff ruff adore.

Paw Patrol is a famous TV series for kids under 5 years old featuring 6 puppies and their leader Ryder. The pups include police pup Chase, firefighter pup Marshall, Aerial rescue pup Skye, construction pup Rubble, water rescue pup Zuma and recycling champ Rocky. Together, they go on rescue missions to save their city, Adventure Bay.

These Paw Patrol decoration ideas are very affordable and easy to do. If you have some materials available at your home, they will cost you just a few dollars and a trip to the store.

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Paw Patrol Background Standee

Of all the decoration ideas I made, background maybe the hardest to think about. But what stood out among my list is a replica of Paw Patrol’s Look Out tower. Besides being the command center, the Look Out tower is where all rescue mission begins.

To start with, I got the measurements how high and wide our trunk is. Since we have a lot of unused cardboard boxes, I thought they will make a strong and stable background. I found a box that fits exactly in our trunk, of course considering how tall will it be.

I cut out small rectangular holes to resemble the tower deck. Next, I covered the board with sky blue poster board and glued a thin yellow poster board strip on top.

Cut Outs of Paw Patrol Characters

Though there are honorary members of the Paw Patrol crew, I decided to stick with the 6 main characters and Ryder. I downloaded an HD file of each pups, print and cut them out.

Since photo papers are flimsy, I hot glued popsicle sticks at the back. Also using hot glue, I stuck some characters on the background and I made standees for the rest. For the standee, I cut out a right triangle from the cardboard box and glue it on the characters.

Paw Patrol Badge

To save me so much time doing the badge, I downloaded the Paw Patrol badge and print it on a matte photo paper. Cut it out. Paste it on the center of the Look Out background. But if you want to put more texture, you can glue your badge on a styrofoam board to give it a 3D look.

Balloon Garland

For your balloon garland, you may opt for simple or extra fancy. Well, for me, I stuck to the simple Paw Patrol inspired colored balloons. You can choose from yellow, sky blue, blue, white or red colors. I tied some balloons in a string with wooden clothespins I bought from the dollar store and hang it across my trunk. I still had a handful of extra balloons that I scattered around the trunk.

Paw Patrol Pumpkin

We have a Paw Patrol Marshall push in pumpkin decoration that’s been sitting in our storage for years. It became the cutest decoration in our trunk.

You can also try other Paw Patrol pumpkin decoration kit like Chase.

Paw Patrol Toys

If your kids have Paw Patrol toys, you can definitely make good use of them. In my case, my kids own a Lookout tower and a Mission Cruiser. Go an extra mile by putting the newest Paw Patrol Ultimate City tower.

Other Paw Patrol Decoration Ideas

While there are still so much things you can put on your Paw Patrol themed trunk, I tried to make it simple and avoid too much clutter. For final touches of the trunk, I put a decorative hay bale to level up the decors and my ever trusted DIY pup treat sign board made out of coroplast sheet.

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Hope you enjoy all these Paw Patrol Trunk or Treat decoration ideas. Now, be ready for action and get ready to roll!

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