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6 Kid-Appropriate Movies to Reinforce Brother Love

Teach boys to maintain a positive relationship with each other with these kid-appropriate movies about love for a brother.

Every parent dreams of seeing their children growing up together. But with all honesty, this is not always the case. Siblings fight, they fight, and they fight again. So as parents, no matter how frequently we remind our boys to maintain a positive attitude towards each other, they still tend to dislike each other at times.

I want my boys to understand and practice brotherly love. Words may not be enough. Teaching them how to be good brothers may also come from different forms like movies. Besides, my family keeps the tradition of watching kid-friendly movies every Friday night. With that, I am sharing with you 6 movies to reinforce the love for brothers my boys enjoyed.

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure is a movie adapted from the book Zathura by Chris Vans Allsburg. It is a story of two brothers, Danny and Walter Budwing, who are always quarreling with each other until they find a mysterious board game in their basement. 

While playing the game, they are transported to outer space with their older sister, Lisa. They soon discover that the game affects reality. Along with an astronaut they meet, the siblings need to finish the game and defeat the Zorgons so they can return home.

Brother Bear

Brother Bear follows the story of a young Native American boy, Kenai. He lives with his brothers Sitka, the oldest, and Denahi, the middle brother. When Sitka was killed trying to protect his brothers from a bear encounter, an enraged Kenai pursues the bear and kills it in the process. Kenai magically transforms into a bear after. His only hope is to travel to a mountain so he can be turned back to human. Denahi assumes Kenai is dead.

Kenai met a young cub, Koda, on his journey. Koda teaches Kenai bear lessons, forms a brotherly relationship, and helps him get to the magical mountain. As Kenai becomes comfortable living with other bears, he finds out that the bear he killed before he transformed is Koda’s mother. Horrified about what he did, he confesses to Koda. Koda runs away.

When Denahi encounters Kenai, Koda helps him. Kenai then sacrifices himself for Koda, prompting Sitka’s eagle spirit to transform him back to his human form. But upon realizing Koda needs him, he chooses to remain a bear..


Ian and Barley Lightfoot are two brothers with contrasting personalities. Ian suffers from poor self-confidence while Barley is a game player. When they discover a hidden gem that can bring their deceased father back to life for a day, they go on a quest to retrieve the magical gem. Upon knowing her sons are set on a journey, Laurel, Ian and Barley’s mother, follows to bring them back home.

The journey is full of adventures, obstacles and discoveries. When the brothers finally figure out where the gem is, they are pursued by a dragon. Laurel teams up with her sons. Ian finishes casting the spell, finally seeing his late father, while Barley gets to say goodbye for the last time.

Boss Baby

An imaginative, 7-year old Tim Templeton is living his best life. He got his parents’ full love and attention, not to mention the traditional hugs, kisses and song every night. 

Tim’s life changes upon the arrival of his baby brother. The first few days didn’t work out well as Tim competed for attention. As they try to resolve their issues, Tim discovers that Boss Baby is a secret agent on a mission. The two need to set aside their clash to stop Puppy Co.’s war against babies. 

Despicable Me 3

Anti-Villain League (AVL) power couple Gru and Lucy are fired from their job after failing to capture Balthazar Bratt, a former child superstar who takes revenge against Hollywood after his show was canceled.

While in retirement, Gru receives an invitation from his wealthy, successful and long-lost  twin brother, Dru, who asks him how to be a villain so they can continue the family legacy. The two need to set aside their differences and work together to save Gru’s family and Hollywood.

Stuart little 

In an orphanage, married couple Frederick and Eleanor Little adopted the smart, charming mouse, Stuart, as younger brother for their son George. At first, George refuses to acknowledge Stuart as his brother but soon develops a relationship when Stuart helps him win a RC boat race.

Meanwhile, the Littles’ pet cat, Snowbell plots to get rid of Stuart with the help of stray cats, Rogue and his gang. Against all adversities, Stuart remains positive and enthusiastic. After all, he only wants a family to call his own.

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