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7 Places to Sell Used Children’s Clothes

Want to sell used children’s clothes but don’t know where to start? Here are seven places where you can sell used clothes quickly and easily.

Kids outgrow clothes very quickly. Although I find it difficult to let go of my kid’s clothes (they make so much memories), storing them takes so much space. I didn’t think about selling clothes until recently when a friend of mine told me how she was making money out of used children’s clothing. Here are seven places where you can sell pre-loved apparel and use the extra cash to buy other things for your kids.

1- Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has become a business hub where people from around the world buy and sell all kinds of stuff. Look for buy and sell groups where you can post items you want to sell. Simply post high-quality and clear photos of clothes. Provide the size, condition of clothes, price and important details to note, and you are good to go.

2- eBay

eBay is another great place to buy and sell used children’s clothes. The platform has 182 million users and is accessible to people from around the globe. It can generate income not only for businesses but also for individual sellers. You can put clothes on auction or with a fixed price. Make sure to add product details (size, price, condition). eBay gets a commission when your stuff sells and a listing fee if you post more than 50 items.

 3- Kidizen

Kidizen is a US-based interactive marketplace where you can sell used and new kids’ fashion essentials. Since the website is exclusively dedicated to kids’ clothing, it is a great place for parents to sell used kids’ clothes. The website features clothes from top kids’ fashion brands, with clothes categorized in various affordable deals. You can simply signup and create your listing and start selling. Busy parents can get the assistance of Style Scouts to create a listing and sell clothes on their behalf. The website has a mobile app as well, making the entire process of buying and selling free from hassle.

4-   Mercari

Mercari is a Japanese marketplace with offices in the US, where you can list and sell kids-related stuff, including clothing. It is an excellent place if you are planning to de-clutter your children’s wardrobe. Mercari doesn’t charge you to list the items you want to sell; however, there is a 10% selling fee once your item is sold. You can create twelve listings free of cost and pay a seller fee once you have sold an item. Mercari’s quality control ensures both buyer and seller satisfaction.

5- Poshmark

Poshmark is another marketplace where you can sell all kinds of used stuff, including children’s clothes. Although you can sell clothes for higher prices on Poshmark if they are tagged “New With Tags”, it is a great place to sell used clothes at reasonably good prices. With 80 million members and 200 million listings, Poshmark is one of the biggest platforms for selling new and pre-loved children’s clothing. The process is straightforward; just post the pictures, fill in important details, then share them with your network and earn cash. Protected payment, expedited shipping and free authentication by Poshmark ensure the safe and hassle-free selling of your products.  

6- Tradesy

Tradesy, now Vestiaire Collective, is another website where you can sell pre-loved kids’ clothing. Listing is very simple and free, which means you don’t have to pay a penny if your listed items don’t sell. However, there is a flat rate fee of $2.95 if your sales are under $15 and a 20% commission on sales above $15.

7- Local Consignment Stores

Look for a local consignment shops in your area that accepts children’s clothing. Most of these store are small but benefits the community. Unlike Goodwill, local consignment stores accept clothing, toys and children stuff at a price.

There are also seasonal children’s consignment shops that sell used clothing twice a year on specific dates. These shops are usually organized by private individuals and run every spring and fall.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you believe it or not, second-hand children’s clothes are in high demand. However, if you have multiple kids, there is nothing better than passing on used clothing to the younger ones. Making a few bucks by selling used clothes isn’t bad, either. Selling used clothes gives you a chance to revamp your kids’ wardrobe every once in a while.  

Before selling online, you need to make sure that the clothes are in good condition, they are not ripped nor have stains and are washed, ironed and packed with love. These tips will improve the chances of selling clothes quickly and easily.

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